the life list

hey, hi, hello there! For as along as I can remember, I’ve had an urge the travel, wanderlust doesn’t even begin to describe it. Thanks to my worldly parents, I’ve had the opportunity to see the world at a young age. Still, that fire in my soul hasn’t changed. I want to see the world and experience many crazy things with friends, family and loved ones by my side. I had this bug gnawing at my heart strings telling me that I’m here for something, but I could never figure out what…and finally, I know it’s so share my list and adventures. Here’s a list (that I am continually adding to) of things that I want to will accomplish in my life. If you have the itch to do any of these, let’s make plans.

-Sky dive
-Cliff jump in Brazil or Hawaii
-Hot air ballooning in Tuscany Italy
-Base jumping, Snake River, Idaho
-Walk the Great Wall of China
-See the ball drop in NYC on NYE
Oktoberfest in Germany (10/2013)
-See a show (Opera or otherwise) at the Sydney Opera House
Drive the Autobahn (10/1/2014)
-Smooch the Blarney Stone
-Dublin, St Patrick’s Day
-See the Northern Lights
Dive the Great Barrier Reef (4/2005, Port Douglas)
-Touch 6/7 Continents…Antarctica, no thanks
-Learn to ski (water(summer 08) and snow)
-Cage dive with sharks
-Relax in the hot springs/pools in Montana #MontanaMinute
-Catch a fish while deep sea fishing
-Zipline (10/07/2017)
Crank my neck up and gaze at the Sistine Chapel (07/2007)
-Celebrate Christmas abroad
-Celebrate Thanksgiving abroad
-Celebrate my Birthday abroad
-Have a real Cuban cigar in Havana while eating a Cubano and drinking a Cuba Libre (that’s a lot of Cuba)
-Place a prayer in the Wailing (Western) Wall
-Hike the Lanikai Pillboxes located atop Ka’iwa ridge at dawn

experience & knowledge
Attend Opening Day (Nats vs. Braves, 4/4/2014)
-Perfect making Chemex style coffee
-Learn how to shoot a gun/target shoot
Scuba Dive certification (2005)
-Milk a cow
-Create a [new] tradition with my family (thanks to David we now have mac n cheese at Thanksgiving)
-Serenade a crowd with awful karaoke skills (03/03/2017- Phoneix’s birthday!)
-Make a Free Little Library
Post 365 in one year (omg it’s kendal ann, 9/19/2014)
-Choose a cookbook and make every recipe in the book
-Grow and maintain a veggie garden
Get invited to a show via the artist (08/2011) 

career & finance
-Be an Aumni feature on WSU’s website
-Enroll in graduate school and complete the degree
-Max out to Roth IRA 3 years in a row
-Invest in a stock (2013,2014,2015,2016,etc.)
-Pay off student loans in full
Establish DC DPhiE (est. since 2013)
Serve on an organization’s board (Digital District 2014, 2015)

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