national ice cream day!

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“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” Shout this mantra from the rooftops, because today is National Ice Cream Day! As you may have heard *wink, wink* today is, National Ice Cream Day! Don’t worry if don’t get the chance to celebrate today because you should be celebrating all month long! After all it is National Ice Cream Month!

Ice cream is the perfect treat for all seasons! I want you to enjoy your day to the fullest, so I am letting you in on a few of my favorite ice cream establishments in the DMV area!

Thomas Sweet, Georgetown, DC

Moo Thru, Remington, VA

Pops Old Fashioned Ice Cream, Old Town Alexandria, VA

Dolcezza Artisan Gelato, Bethesda & 14th Street NW

If you are feeling more than ambitious, and would rather make your own sweet treat than venture out today here is one recipe that will rock your taste buds! Whether you get it in a cup or in a cone, atop a waffle or in a banana split, make sure to visit your local ice cream shop today to get some cold, scrumptious treat!

a harvard study

on 4th of July

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For as long as Americans (and really, I) can remember, the nation has celebrated the Fourth of July by staging grand fireworks shows in public squares and lighting smaller displays at home. Did you know that 4th of July festivities could make you more Republican? A few weeks ago, one of our friends said, “did you know that you are 6%DC-fireworks-skyline more Republican for every year you watched the fireworks with your family as a child?” This statement got me to thinking and after some research this is what I found, according to the report, published by Harvard University, July 4th-themed festivities (defined by the study as fireworks, parades, political speeches, and barbecues) not only energize primarily Republicans, but also turn children into Republicans and increase GOP voter turnout.

“In 2010, an estimated 144 million Americans age 18 or older celebrated Fourth of July by attending a barbecue. Another 98 million watched the fireworks or went to a community festivity, while more than 28 million saw a parade,” the authors write. “Beyond the immediate fervor of the festivity, however, do national day celebrations matter? Does participation in national ceremonies and parades have a deeper impact by affecting children’s political beliefs, identity, and behavior?”

Simply put: “Fourth of July celebrations in the United States shape the nation’s political landscape by forming beliefs and increasing participation, primarily in favor of the Republican Party. All in all, attending one Fourth of July before age 18 increases the likelihood of identifying as a Republican by at least 2 percent and voting for the Republican candidate by 4 percent. It also increases voter turnout by 0.9 percent and boosts political campaign contributions by 3 percent,” says the report, which was written by Harvard Kennedy School Assistant Professor David Yanagizawa-Drott and Bocconi University Assistant Professor Andreas Madestam.

This is a fascinating article to me, after living in DC and reading this article seeing the fireworks and celebrating the FOurth of July gives a new reason and light to all of the festivities. As we know, not everyone will be particularly concerned with the possible political implications of July 4th celebrations. If you’re looking for a more patriotic experience, you might want to check out a parade in a particularly Republican-skewing part of town – according to the report, “Republican adults celebrate Fourth of July more intensively in the first place.”

I for one, love the Fourth of July. Having the opportunity to celebrate such an awesome Nation. Plus, the fireworks display in Washington, DC is unlike any other in the United States. The show, is administered by the National Park Service and it illuminates all of the monuments from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. Make sure you get to your location early because the show begins at 9:10 PM. The show lasts roughly 17 minutes and will be accompanied by live music from “A Capitol Fourth,” the concert held each Independence Day on the U.S. Capitol’s West Lawn. Whatever you political leanings are, make sure you get out and see the amazing show and celebrate the birthday of our Nation’s Capital!


Happy Birthday?

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So, it is Presidents Day, but from my last post, you can sense a myth. For a long time, some arbitrary Monday in February has been deemed “Presidents Day”. After reading a few articles, the question of, “Is it really George Washington’s birthday or is it Abraham Lincoln’s birthday?” today has come up.

So the answer unfolds after reading many articles. President’s Day 2014 is today, February 17, but I have come to learn that today  is neither the birthday of Washington or Abe. In fact, Lincoln’s birthday was on 12 February, while Washington’s falls on 22 February. According to the US National Archives, the passage of Public Law 90-363 in 1968 moved the traditional observance of Washington’s birthday from February 22 to the third Monday in February. Since Washington’s birthday fell right after Lincoln’s birthday (February 12), many states chose to combine the two events into President’s Day, a day that is now used for honoring all former US Presidents.

Though it may not be George Washington or Abe Lincoln’s actual birthdays, Presidents’ Day is still a good excuse to raise a glass to our entrepreneurial first President, or anyone for that matter. Go on, grab your whiskey and raise a toast to our forefathers.

anything but dull

it’s election day

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It’s just a quick post today, my friends.

A few of my coworkers live in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and it’s a big day for them. Today is election day! Elections are running today in the following states: Washington, Virginia, Alabama, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. The elections in these states will be very interesting. After reading this NPR article, it only seemed appropriate to highlight the elections. If you live in one of these states make sure to get out and vote. As an American, voting is our civic duty! Take advantage of it and make your voice heard!

government shutdown

what can we do?

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I leave for vacation and when I come back I hear the government has been shutdown. It looks like I won’t be leaving the country again for a very long time; this place can’t function without me (haha). With the weekend at our fingertips I have been thinking about what to do while the government is shutdown. DC is a stellar place for free activities, alas we cannot participate in those activities. The following are a few suggestions of what to do with the government is shutdown, mind you these activities you can participate in during the week and on the weekends. Enjoy!

Lincoln’s Summer Cottage

Personally, this is what I will be doing over the weekend. As a true lover of Abe and history this has been on my list of must-sees for a while. I am excited that the government shutdown has now given me a reason to make my way to Petworth to check out this awesome piece of history. Though admissions are a little pricey Abe is always worth it.

Check Out a New Neighborhood

I am a huge advocate of checking out new neighborhoods. After all living in DC makes me want to explore. I want to see what is going on and what is new. Get off at a different metro stop and walk around the area. Maybe you just do some window shopping, or walk into a new restaurant. You will be surprise by what you find! DC is changing and what’s a better way to see the changes?


Did you know there are government shutdown happy hours going on? I think that’s a little crazy, but whatever–go with it! After all when life gives you lemons! Specifically I would suggest hitting up ChurchKey right on 14th Street it is a sure option!

Walk DC’s Heritage Trails:

DC has heritage walks marked with information-rich placards that teach you about important buildings and the history of different neighborhoods. The Downtown Heritage Trail and Greater U Street Heritage Trail are available through a mobile app, while you can explore DC’s historically African-American neighborhoods through a series of walking tours as well. Getting away from the Mall is one of the best ways to demonstrate that the shutdown isn’t stopping you from enjoying  DC.  DC’s an interesting place and you will learn that through the heritage walks as they take you through neighborhoods and give you a chance to explore the city’s incredible architecture.

Check Out Museums That Are Open:

I know DC is awesome because of all the free museums, but as they are shut down maybe you can head to a private museums. Granted now you will have to pay admissions, it is still something to do and to check out while in DC.  The following museums you can check out: National Geographic Museum. The Corcoran Gallery. The Phillips Collection. The Newseum. The National Building Museum. The Art Museum of the Americas. The DAR Museum. The Folger Shakespeare Library. The Luther W. Brady Art Gallery. The Hillwood Estate. The Historical Society of Washington, DC. The Kreeger Museum. The Textile Museum. Tudor Place.

Visit Eastern Market And Union Market:

Maybe it’s cooking or maybe you just want to pass the time. Maybe you are interested in funky artwork or new jewelry. If you are intrigued by these things you must check out Eastern Market. The Eastern Market is a lovely  place to spend an afternoon. Another market work checking out is the Union Market. This reminds me a lot of the Public Market in Milwaukee (a little MKE love!). There are many options for sitting down and eating on the stop as well as light grocery shopping. Both markets are embedded in awesome neighborhoods–Eastern Market’s just off the Hill, and Union Market lies in between a series of warehouses.