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I am mildly obsessed with Chromeo. Their tunes are so smooth. The song Jealous is from the album White Women which is available now! Order here: If these guys are coming anywhere near you, I would highly recommend seeing them in concert.


best ever

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I am a little ashamed that I am just finding this now. If you haven’t heard this incredible mashup yet, you can thank me later. Let’s hear some applauds for this creation! Someone has made an amazing mashup! I trust you will be listening to this all day tomorrow. 

the afternoon slump

there are ways to beat it

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After that productive morning and your inbox is finally clean, the afternoon slump strikes. The clock strikes 2 PM and let’s face it, we are down for the count. Sure, it’s normal to feel tired once the afternoon rolls around.  Did you know circadian rhythms, which affect our sleep patterns, may be to blame for the midday-slump? Ina ll reality our sleep patterns aren’t the only culprits of our slump, what we eat,  hydration levels, and how much time we spend staring at a screen also affect those sleepy eyes.

Here are a few tips to beat that afternoon dip in productivity.

Have a snack.

Have a snack to help boost energy levels. Try an apple, a handful of nuts, or another high-protein snack to keep alert.

Try a walking meeting.

Take that meeting to the streets and discuss what you would in the office outdoors. Sometimes this is a little difficult, which I understand. If your office has a Penthouse or there is a dark nearby move the meeting to one of those locations if you have to take some notes.

Switch tasks.

Have you been working on that same project for five hours? Try tackling something else (like a new smaller project, or reading some emails) to stay stimulated and keep things fresh at the desk.

Take a catnap.

Sometimes the best remedy for fatigue is to simply shut the eyes. Learn how to power nap (10-20 minutes of snooze time!) to get that midday boost you really need.

Schedule an appointment.

Schedule that dreaded dentist appointment during your lunch for some forced activity that prevents us from feeling doze-y. This way, you avoid eating at your desk, no one likes doing that!

Take a break.

Tired? Take five or get a Take Five. For five minutes do something that isn’t work related. Call a friend, go for a walk, read the news, you could even play a game of Sudoku.

Turn up the tunes.

Listening to your  favorite music to help you focus, in turn, this will also make you feel more energized.  Remember though, listen with headphones to really hone in on a tasks and your office mates will be thankful for your respect.
Kitts and puppies!

This one sounds really silly I know, but take a minute and google “kitties” or “puppies” just seeing those little rascals will make you feel better. I think it deals with the cuteness factor.


they’re meant to be lazy

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Sunday is the perfect day for not doing anything. Sure, there are Sundays when you need to get up and get out of your PJs and greet the world. This happens to be one of them for me, in fact, most of my Sundays aren’t the lazy kind. A lazy Sunday is the perfect way to unwind from a week and to start rein in a new one.

I hope this is a lazy Sunday for you, because you deserve it. If today is your lazy Sunday, sit back relax and enjoy. Read the following tips for a most successful lazy Sunday.


-don’t get out of your pjs-sleep for as long as you can/take a nap
-enjoy your favorite breakfast foods that you can make, blueberry pancakes anyone?
-conjure up a mimosa, heavy on the champagne
-listen to some tunes, I find light tunes the best for easy listening (suggestions, Ben Rector and Maroon 5)
-Netflix, Netflix, Netflix
-read a book

If this isn’t your lazy Sunday, I hope there is one in your near future!

hello, friday!

cue the music!

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For some reason this Friday seems so much more glorious than most. For me, it was a short week, but there was still a sigh of relief when Friday finally rolled around. My goal for today, is to get you through the day! Make it to the weekend– you’re only a few hours away.

So, in honor of this #FunFriday let’s listen to some of tunes that come to mind when we think of this special day of the week. In no particular order, check out the songs below– you can thank me later.

If there is a song I missed, let me know and I would be more than happy to add it!