wake up

to a sunrise

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If I can offer you one tip for advice when it comes to being a morning person, read the following, wake up with the rising sun. There is something magical about seeing the sun rise. The sun rising is the dawn of a new day and it symbolizes a new beginning and youth. Try to take on a new beginning with the sunrise, you won’t regret it.

This morning, I watched the sunrise in Miami and it was a beautiful sight. My sunrise, fortunately, was a view of the skyline. Tomorrow, I will be out on the beach reining in a new day with the sun.

Truthfully, I know it sounds corny, but wake up when the sun is rising. Try it, just once. It will turn you into a morning person but there are perks to come like seeing the city come to life, having more hours to do things in a day and just taking a minute to enjoy the calmness.

predicting your politics

can TIME really predict your politics?

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Much like the dialects quiz from NYT, there is a quiz that can predict your politics on TIME. The quiz is a series of 12 questions. When responding to the questions, you have the option to rate your answers “strongly disagree” through “strongly agrees”.

With this quiz, you will see how your preference of pet, Internet browsers, movies and several other items predicts your political leanings. My results were totally accurate. Upon completion of the quiz it will tell you what your Conservative qualities are vs. your Liberal qualities. Personally, I rated 86% Conservative, and 14% Liberal, but after a simple conversation with me, that wouldn’t be a surprise. I am interested to see when other people take this quiz what they rate. I don’t necessarily need to know your ratings, but I do what to know if this quiz reflects your political sway. Take the quiz, and let me know what you think.

life is short

no one will get out alive, remember that

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Time seems to be the killer of all things. We are constantly complaining that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, but I don’t believe that. 24 hours in a day is just right. Once you factor everything in: 8 hours of work, an hour commute, grooming, sleeping, eating and exercise, what more do you need?

In this day in age, we need to learn how to prioritize. We need to set an agenda and we need to sit to it.

Take a look at this post from Sam Davidson. He’s preaching exactly what I am talking about. You will find that 24 hours in a day is just enough when you start to put the clutter behind you.

What You Don’t Have Time For

You know what you don’t have time for.

Don’t let other people convince you otherwise based on the whims of any given news cycle, their personal agenda, or some prejudiced notion of what you ought to make time for.

You don’t have time to discuss Duck Dynasty. You don’t have time for someone else’s poor planning. You don’t have time to fix it, so let’s all get it right the first time. You don’t have time for a distraction brought on by cheap technology. You don’t have time for anything that doesn’t align with what you value, who you love, and where you want to go.

There is simply too much good work left to be done. And there are fewer and fewer hours in which to do it.

Set the agenda. Don’t let someone else set it for you.

this is your life

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This is your life

I have this beautiful card sitting on my desk. This card is a reminder to do great things. It’s a reminder that life is short and a beautiful thing.


“This is your life. Do what you want and do it often.
If you don’t like something, change it.
If you don’t like your job, quit.
If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV.
If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love.
Stop over-analysing, life is simple.
All emotions are beautiful.
When you eat, appreciate every last bite.
Life is simple.
Open your heart, mind and arms to new things and people, we are united in our differences.
Ask the next person you see what their passion is and share your inspiring dream with them.
Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself.
Some opportunities only come once, seize them.
Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them, so go out and start creating.
Life is short, live your dream and wear your passion.”

Holstee Manifesto, The Wedding Day

working on a deadline

Under pressure, under a deadline, under the gun- all of these phrases are encompassing the feeling I have when I am facing a deadline. Some people work better and deliver their best results when they are facing a deadline. More often than not, I do not fall into that category. Working under pressure can make you anxious, and bring out nerves that you didn’t even think were possible, but it can also make you see in a different light, make you focus and work ten times harder. Everyone has their own way to work. Matt tells us about his experience with working on deadlines and why that is invigorating to him.

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time’s up

guest blog presented by: Matthew D. Shalbrack
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As a journalist, working on a deadline has been engrained into my mind since Day 1. I do everything on a deadline. It’s actually funny that I’m writing this blog because Kendal Ann asked me to write this over a month ago so I’m past my deadline when it comes to writing about deadlines. Irony at its finest my friends.

Anyways, back to being on deadline. For me, I love having a deadline. It gives me an idea of what I need to get done and when I need to get it done by. It also allows me to procrastinate on things until the end when I know they really need to be done. Working on a deadline doesn’t make me nervous as it can do to other people; it makes me focus even harder on the task at hand. Working on a deadline makes it easier for me to get the job done correctly the first time without having to worry about little mistakes that pop up along the way.

Even though this blog took me longer to write, I still feel like writing on a deadline isn’t just an important thing to respect in my career, it’s an important thing to respect in life as well. Being on time is such a good habit to have. It’s something that I’m known for. I hate being late. If I show up on time, I feel like I am late, so more than likely, I’m 15 minutes early for everything. It’s just a habit that I’ve developed. My Mom is the same way. I probably got that from her.

In my mind, working on a deadline and being on time go hand-in-hand. Both are not only important career guidelines but also important life guidelines as well. So next time you have a meeting, leave a little bit earlier so you can show up and make a statement instead of just being average and being on time. Set deadlines for yourself with little things around the house and work your way up to setting bigger deadlines to follow once you accomplish the little deadlines. You’ll enjoy life a lot more, I’ll tell you that.

Pope Francis

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Today, Time magazine selected Pope Francis as its Person of the Year. Time states that the Catholic Church’s new leader has changed the perception of the 2,000-year-old institution in an extraordinary way in a short period of time. Pope Francis took the name of a humble saint and then called for a church of healing.  Pope Francis is the first non-European pope in 1,200 years is poised to transform a place that measures change by the century.

As a little excerpt from the TIME article entitled: Pop Francis, The People’s Pope: But what makes this Pope so important is the speed with which he has captured the imaginations of millions who had given up on hoping for the church at all. People weary of the endless parsing of sexual ethics, the buck-passing infighting over lines of authority when all the while (to borrow from Milton), “the hungry Sheep look up, and are not fed.” In a matter of months, Francis has elevated the healing mission of the church—the church as servant and comforter of hurting people in an often harsh world—above the doctrinal police work so important to his recent predecessors. John Paul II and Benedict XVI were professors of theology. Francis is a former janitor, nightclub bouncer, chemical technician and literature teacher.

Check out TIME’s article: Pope Francis, The People’s Pope