every time

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Matt, this one’s for you. I love you #CTBOT

Recently, I stumbled upon this song, Sunshine & Whiskey by Frankie Ballard. The beat is great. The song feels like summer. The tune will make you tap your feet, and you will definitely be thinking of that special someone by the end of the song. 

You hit me like fire, shot me like a bullet.
Burned me up and down, no way to cool it.
But every time you kiss me it’s like sunshine and whiskey.
It’s like a bottle of Jack straight to the head.
One shot, two shot, copper tone red.
Every time you kiss me it’s like sunshine and whiskey.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do! 

sun tea


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When I think of summer, sipping on iced tea comes to mind. I want to share with you one of my favorite ways to make iced tea. It takes a little longer than usual, but in the end it is well worth it. Allow me to introduce you to Sun Tea. Maybe you love the taste or you’re enjoying a  summer power outage, a jug of of sun tea always hits the spot. Summer makes you ask this when it comes to brewing tea, “why even heat up so much as a kettle when Mother Nature will do it for you?” With the blaring sunshine, using minimal equipment is one of the best ways to enjoy a tasty beverage.

Black teas work wonderfully for sun tea, since they’re full of those floral flavors that remind us of summer. Black teas are also versatile over ice, or infused with seasonal ingredients.

You’ll want a glass, glass is easier for the sun to hit. If you use plastic, believe it or not it’s not really “clear”.

I am a believer of tap water.

You want a place you can set your pitcher in intense direct sun to allow the tea to brew.

When making the tea, use a 2:1 ratio of ounces of water to grams of tea. Ensure that the tea is fully submerged in the water, and then lid your jar. It is recommend to keep the jug in the direct sunlight for 3-5 hours (but you can keep it in the sun for up to 12 hours!); you’ll know your sun tea is ready for you by color and taste.

Remember you can add any seasonal ingredient- mint, lemon, sugar or just keep it at the black tea that is made from the sun-kissed infusion. Make sure you wait until it’s brewed to taste before (adding sugar) diluting with water or ice. Most of all, enjoy! 

summer, i bid you adieu

we had quite the make out session

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Dear Summer,

We had quite the make out session. This summer was a perfect combination of relaxation, traveling and working. You were filled with trips to the lake, traveling back to the Midwest, trips to the South and even doing some touristy attractions in DC. More importantly, Summer, because of you I attended Jazz in The Park, countless baseball games, Screen on the Green and many more outside activities.

Summer, you are the season everyone longs for. You bring tan lines, freckles, sun-kissed everything and the smell of coconuts and sunscreen. And (thankfully) this year you even managed to bring DC a decent weather forecast.

With all of the long-trips, new memories, new friends and s’mores consumed, I could not have asked for a more complete season. Whether I was sitting by the bonfire, night swimming, or hearing the crickets sing me to sleep you put me in a daze. All of these moments were serene –without you none of these things would have been made possible.

Now as the seasons are changing, I must bid you adieu my sweet summer. Just remember, we had quite the make out session and I am sure I will be longing my sun-kissed cheeks, and my beach-y waves one again.

We will reunite sooner than you know.


Kendal Ann