take it or leave it

“We cannot change the hand we are dealt, just how we play the game.”- Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

that reassuring advice

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Sometimes you seek advice just to reassure yourself. Let’s admit it we are hard on ourselves and it is always easier to accept the truth from someone else. Getting that outsider perspective, that new angle is exactly what we are looking for. When we seek advice, I would argue that most of the time our mind is already made up. When seeking advice, we are trying to reassure ourselves. We are trying to make it right with our conscience.

I have three go-to people who I consider to be my guide. These individuals there there through thick and thin. They tell me how it is; no sugar coating. Without these enchanting individuals I would be a mess. Listen, I like making decisions on my own–as I am sure you do, but sometimes, we need to hear what we are afraid to hear. We need that other opinion regardless if it agree its ours or not.

When faced with a challenge, lately, I’ve been making the bold leap of faith to make my decisions based off of gut and not listen to my heart. Putting yourself into a situation where you don’t bring the element of emotion makes all the difference. Next time you’re faced with a decision, I challenge you to leave your heart out of the equation. Go with your gut. Know that this is best done by making the decision almost immediately when you are faced it. Good luck and may the force be with you.