predicting your politics

can TIME really predict your politics?

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Much like the dialects quiz from NYT, there is a quiz that can predict your politics on TIME. The quiz is a series of 12 questions. When responding to the questions, you have the option to rate your answers “strongly disagree” through “strongly agrees”.

With this quiz, you will see how your preference of pet, Internet browsers, movies and several other items predicts your political leanings. My results were totally accurate. Upon completion of the quiz it will tell you what your Conservative qualities are vs. your Liberal qualities. Personally, I rated 86% Conservative, and 14% Liberal, but after a simple conversation with me, that wouldn’t be a surprise. I am interested to see when other people take this quiz what they rate. I don’t necessarily need to know your ratings, but I do what to know if this quiz reflects your political sway. Take the quiz, and let me know what you think.