boomer’s winter


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Here’s yet again another guest blog post. I like to have guest posts featured by different people to show new perspectives, outlooks and different personalities. Get ready for it! Without much introduction, the following is a guest blog post by the one and only: Ann Marie! Most of you know her as Ann Marie, while others know her as Mrs. Franck. But, even less get to refer to her as mama! Without more of an introduction, I will let her take it away!

Hi! This is “Mom” as I am sometimes called or Ann Marie as Kendal so lovingly refers to me. I am honored to be the guest blogger today, or maybe not so much since Kendal informed me that she made a promise to herself to write a blog each day for a year and it sounded like she ran out of things to say…if one can actually believe boomer

Kendal mentioned how totally worn out Boomer looked as he sprawled out under the Christmas tree after he came in from supervising Joel’s shoveling after the big storm.  In case you aren’t aware, Boomer loves to be outside, especially in cold weather. Winter is his favorite season especially when it snows. Often it is hard to get him to come back in the house as he loves to make dog angels in the snow and run through the snow as it flies out of the snow blower chute. Supervising Joel as he snow blows is Boomer’s number one job. Sometimes the most demanding job is being the sidekick!  So is being sneaky enough to scope out each present that Kendal placed under the tree and discerned that none of them are for him. I sure hope that Kendal told Santa Paws that Boomer will be waiting patiently for his present come Christmas Eve.  An early Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night from me (and Boomer).



one year later

you can still feel Hurricane Sandy’s impact

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It’s been one year since Hurricane Sandy struck. One year ago she left us with much destruction and the devastating impacts can still be witnesses.   Reconstruction is ongoing, With many disappointments, there is some good news which we can rejoice about, Ellis Island reopened today. As some artifacts are still in storage, the museum’s buildings and grounds were reopened to the public.

The air is filled with hope for all who have been effected by Sandy. One thing that we have learned is the damage is much greater than we originally thought and the rebuilding will continue to happen for a while.

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