no better time than the present

this is all the motivation you need

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Today’s post is inspired by Sam Davidson. You have seen posts about him in the past because I think he’s a cool dude. Anyway today he posted one of my favorite posts because it is so true: You didn’t finish because you never started. People need to realize and expect that just because you say you are going to do something, doesn’t mean it will be accomplished. Set goals, check on your progress and implement your plan. Like Sam says, “The leaders and entrepreneurs who make stuff happen make sure to start. They don’t stop at ideation; they leap from that to action as quickly as possible.”

Last August 20th, I finally started my blog: omg it’s kendalann, because I missed writing and I didn’t want to lose my love for writing or my skills. I vowed to myself that I would publish 365 posts in one year, and if complete I can finally purchase my domain name. This has been a huge challenge, and with the deadline quickly approaching I can truthfully say I am right on target. Sure, there are days I don’t want to post, but I do it anyway. Blogging as helped me to communicate with people I never would have otherwise, in addition to other things.

My new self-promise is this: The ability to run 3 miles by Thanksgiving because I want to participate in the Turkey Trot!
I don’t need to be the fastest, or even fast at all. I just want to be able to complete this. I want the ability to have me time, every day and to be more active. This goal will take every fiber in my being, but it’s a promise I made to myself. I know I need to start small and what better way to start than the proper attire, playlist, running plan and just getting out and hitting the pavement?

After all, there is no better time than the present, right? #letsdothis