it’s about time

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Finally, it’s that time of the year when everything seems right in the world. My friends, the greatest sport known to mankind is back. Baseball is back. This is going to be one hell of a season and I am more excited than ever to see what is in store for my teams, the Nationals and the Brewers. The power, the awe, the greatness, and everything we love about baseball is finally back. Here’s to another season of American’s pasttime, because the wait is over and baseball is back!



a heartwarming surprise

the super bowl

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I was really intrigued after I saw that my sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, made it on to TSM (Total Sorority Move). After opening the article, I realized it was a truly amazing heartwarming story about the sister of DPhiE (UMich). They surprised their house mom with tickets to the Super Bowl!

These are the things that I miss the most about my undergrad. To me, DPhiE was (and still is) my home away from home. TSM puts it the best: If your sorority house is your home away from home, then your sorority house mom is your momma away from momma. We’re at the age where we start to realize just how nurturing, selfless, and loving (albeit crazy) our mothers are. We’ve also started to realize how we’ve even taken them for granted. Every one in 50 or so times, most of us will try and give back.

When we give back…we really give back. Watch this clip, it will explain the immense gratitude and appreciation I have towards my fellow sisters.

the world series

the history of the world series

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The World Series is underway. We are a few games in and it is a breathtaking game. There is still no outcome of who will win and come out on top. It is a fist clenching series, which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

To me, the World Series are an important time in baseball, and I would argue that any baseball fan feels this strongly about the World Series as well. The World Series isn’t about your team, it’s about the game…okay, okay it is a little bit about the teams, but if your team doesn’t make it, then it’s absolutely about the game. It’s about the beauty of uncertainty, power, the excitement and the fans. Sometimes there is an underdog who takes it all; honestly it’s about the game.

There were other postseason championships that took place as early as 1884. These were World Series, too, matching the champion of the National League against that of the American Association, but when the latter circuit folded in 1891, there was no interleague postseason contest until the warring AL and NL came to a peace agreement in 1903. The World Series is Don Larsen’s perfect game. The Babe’s called shot. Willie Mays robbing Vic Wertz.

The World Series is about the best of the best that season. Each year, teams play each other in hopes that at the end of the season, they will play in the championship. The World Series is a best of seven series that celebrates our national pastime. I would say this is an event every year which is as an important as any holiday. This is as important as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and even the Fourth of July. Just  like the start of any season, we are anxious with anticipation; we are anxious for the World Series. I am more anxious for the World Series than I am for Christmas Eve.

For a little history, many changes were on the horizon and in 1901, the American League was established much to the dismay of the senior circuit. Suddenly, baseball found itself engaged in a “civil war” as both rival leagues competed separately for the fan’s loyalty and attention. Two years later, a truce, previously known as the “National Agreement”, was redefined outlining baseball’s employment, salary and travel requirements. The 1903 compromise produced the business blueprint for major-league baseball and resulted in a merger that has lasted to this day. Once again, Boston and Pittsburgh, the top American and National League teams, found themselves competing against one another in the first official “World Series”.

in closing, I read an article the other day that just about sums it all up. The article was found on Slate.com and called, Why Kids love Baseball, by Jordan Ellenberg.

I tried to make my son into an Orioles fan, like me. But the day at Miller Park he saw Carlos Gomez steal second, then third, then break for home, scoring on a wild pitch, like he was playing Atari baseball against a team of hapless 8-bit defenders, he became a Brewers fan for life. (To be precise, he describes himself as 70 percent Brewers, 30 percent Orioles.) We get along fine, in our mixed household. The inconsistency of our rooting interests doesn’t bother him. If there is a lesson baseball can offer us, it’s one about our deepest commitments; that they’re arbitrary, and contingent, but we’re no less committed to them for that. If I’d been born in New York, I might have been a Yankees fan, but luckily for me, I was born in Maryland, so I’m not. Jerry Seinfeld once remarked that baseball fandom, in the age of free agency, amounted to rooting for laundry. That’s not an insult to the game, as Seinfeld, a giant Mets fan, surely understood; it’s a testament to its deepest strength. My son’s love for the Brewers, like mine for the Orioles, is a love with no reason and no justification. True love, in other words.

There you have it folks. You just love the things you do, and there is no changing it. To me, baseball is something I will always love; baseball was the first thing I fell in love with. It is like true love.

let’s talk baseball

game 1: World Series, let’s do this!

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The Church of Baseball

Ladies and gents, welcome to the first day of the 2013 World Series. Tonight, we enter Game 1 as the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals duke it out on the field in a best of seven; winner takes all. Now let’s face the facts: the Red Sox and Cards haven’t faced each other in more than five years (under circumstances that mattered).

As we all know I am not a Red Sox fan, and by any stretch of the means I am absolutely not a Cardinals fan. However, I am a baseball fan. The World Series is always an exciting time for a baseball fan, regardless if your team makes it or not.

Since both teams are very well-rounded, we can expect this to be a long series with many ups and very few downs. The mistakes will be limited on both sides. Both the Red Sox and the Cardinals have proved their record this past summer making it even more evident that these games will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Break-down of the teams

Red Sox

Over all a kick-ass team. They are powerful with offense, disciplined and a have a high rate of reaction to situations. They have an incredible team. There is a the triple threat of Dustin Pedroia (second baseman), Big Papi (David Ortiz, the DH) and Mike Napoli (catcher/first baseman). The Sox have this not so secret weapon, who is a sure thing. Allow me to introduce you to Koji Uehara. Honestly, if any of the games go past the 9th inning I feel sorry for what is coming to the Cards because of the Ninja closer, Koji Uehara.


Randy Choate (LOOGY) he has a niche and a valued unique skill set for pitching, defense in stealing,  and strength. Michael Wacha (pitcher) he is 0 for 26 in a post season. The cool thing about Wacha is he is a rookie who was called up not too long ago, can you imagine being a rookie and pitching in the World Series–mind blown, in my opinion he’s one of the best things the Cards have going from them! Oh and Matt Carpenter, he’s kind of a knockout as well, with hardly ever missing a base post hit– he should be someone the Red Sox are keeping their eyes on. Did you know that the Cardinals ranked No. 1 in the majors with a caught stealing percentage of 40?

Right now, the Red Sox have a 57% change of winning it all. It is very uncommon that the fate will be determined within the first game, but anything can happen. As the Red Sox have a home-field advantage and are the favored team this year–it looks like things could turn out for the best for them. This year’s postseason have been exciting. We have seen David Ortiz and Carlos Beltran put themselves in the center of attention at critical times, and we have seen others pack up their bags for an early vacation. This is the time we get to see who is going to give it there all and contribute to their team. Now is the time when that extra work out, the late night batting practice and the additional hype is going to pay off.

This is the beginning of a beautiful series and I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds. Take a seat and enjoy the game; play ball!

fantasy baseball

“We had some opportunities tonight, but we just couldn’t finish when we needed to. That’s something that luckily we will get a chance to correct [tonight] when we play them again.”-Buster Posey

pocket full of posey

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With only 24 games left in the season my fantasy teams has come a long way. Let me preface by saying, just four short weeks I gladly took over this sad bunch of guys that was called a team, and now I made them into a majestic group of men.

Finally, making it to tenth place, at a solid 43 points (which my goal was 42 when I took over). I now feel (obviously) compelled to keep them on track. We will be hitting 9th place by the end of the season, I just feel like.

Listen here, taking on a fantasy team, epically baseball is a lot of work. You have to be on your game, and not miss a day. You need to update your team daily (there is never an off day in baseball). It’s a long season, they’re in it for the long-haul, so you should be too. During my short four weeks of managing Pocket Full of Posey (PFP) I’ve made the mistake of not updating my roster three times, and that was a rookie mistake, and I’m practically on the verge of tears when I realize it’s too late.

I want to leave you with a few tips I’ve learned so far.

  1. Scout the minors: keep an eye on the minor leagues–these kids are getting called up like crazy these days
  2. When you have less than awesome Pitchers– steam them
  3. Steaming isn’t just for pitchers–look for players who are playing doubleheaders
  4. No, but seriously: check out the free agents- you can always add a key player late in the season that could make a huge impact
  5. Make sure your team is balanced with HR/RBI batters, and AVG, SB, R batters
  6. Don’t worry if your Catcher isn’t great, and let the rest of your team make up for it (well, they should) *note, obviously my pitcher rules, my whole team is named after him.
  7. Always be reading–you have to do your research, if you want the best team

I know my team will never make it to the top three in this season, but there is always hope for next year. So men: Cliff Lee, Jered Weaver,  Mat Latos, Buster Posey, Bryce Harper–I’ll be seeing ya’ll next year. But until then, make me proud the rest of this season. Let’s finish strong and proud.

a much needed peptalk

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” – Babe Ruth

let’s talk baseball

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This is going to be a little rant about my beloved Brewers. If you’re not in the mood for a rant, I suggest you stop reading now and go to a much happier place. The Brewers, Milwaukee’s baseball team. Where can I begin without sounding too crass or too harsh?

brief background

The team is a member of the Central Division of the MLB’s National League. The BrewCrew’s home is Miller Park, Milwaukee, Wis. And most importantly, the team was named because of it’s Milwaukee’s association with the brewing industry.

let’s talk stats

Since ’98, when the Crew made the switch from the American League to the National League they have been a pretty decent team. With one season (2002) with a measly amount of wins, a sad 59, the Crew hasn’t kept up with the record. They have been soaring high and really becoming a great team! Check this out:








2012 83 79 .512 14.0 2,831,385
2011 96 66 .593 1 3,071,373
2010 77 85 .475 14.0 3 2,776,531
2009 80 82 .494 11.0 3 3,037,451
2008 90 72 .556 7.5 2 3,068,458
2007 83 79 .512 2.0 2 2,869,144
2006 75 87 .463 8.5 4 2,335,643
2005 81 81 .500 19.0 3 2,211,023

Looking at the past 8 years, not a bad team, eh? (Must be the Wisconsin coming out in me). Placing in the top four, with attendance running from 2-3 million people and never having more than 66 loses in a season I would say we really are on track for a kick-ass season. Sorry to break it to you, kids. This season is the exact opposite of what the Crew has delivered in the past 8 years. As of today we are at:







2013 59 75 .440 19.0 2,110,255

and I must say it is a little disappointing.

conspiracy theories

  1. Braun done it again yeah that’s right he’s been dabbling in ‘roids since high school, and he never thought anything was wrong with it (I’m sorry,, I have no sympathy for someone who continues to make the wrong mistake CONSCIOUSLY). He not only is hurting himself, but his team and fans.
  2. Buying fans off, to essentially “look the other way”- folks I went to a game last night, and the Crew has been buying their fans off. Every fan who attended a game in August received a $10.00 voucher for whatever they want! Basically, this month of giving away these vouchers resulted in a tactic to bring more fans and revenue into the Park. They have been “using” Braun’s salary for this.
  3. A big trade: John Axford to the CARDINALS! Now, I understand nothing about Axford’s career has been conventional, so the whole why should his trade be– but honestly, let’s be serious. He was one of the best thing’s the Crew had going for it. Axford, 30, leaves with a 6-7 record and 4.45 earned-run average in 62 appearances this season.

Honestly, check this out. Tell me what you think. I have a near and dear place for the Brewers, but this year is ridiculous. They are not applying themselves. They are giving up runs left and right, and no one has their head in the game. Let’s hope next season doesn’t go like this one. I know there are still 26 games left as of Sept. 1, but my confidence in them this year is dwindling–and I’m ready for their season to be over, and I think they are too.