right & wrong ways

bobby pins

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Up until very recently, I’ve been doing it wrong. Did you know there is correct way to wear a bobby pin? Take a look at the picture.cos-05-hairpin-de-5016518 For better grip, you are should flip the bobby pin over so that the wavy side is against your head. Flipping them over, helps if you have a hard time keeping your bobby pins in place. The straight side is slicker and won’t grip as well as the wavy, more textured side.

Yeah, I know it’s mind blowing.


can’t we just use spell check?

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My name is Kendal Ann and I am a terrible spelling. Welp, looks like the cat’s out of the bag on that one.

The correct spelling of words is important, even in this day and age of computer spell checks. It’s much more important than many people realize. You might think correctly spelling words isn’t  that important any more, but poor spelling could actually seriously affect your prospects and career. let’s use a real life situation for an example, an employer has two candidates for a job, one resumé is full of mistakes, the other is spotless. The two candidates may have equal qualifications, but the employer will always gain a better impression from the one who has carefully checked their spelling.

When you write something, it leaves an impression on those who read it. If you make spelling errors, that impression will not be a positive one. It’s essential that work documents and college work have impeccable spelling, or you could end up losing out.

It is understandable that someone might have trouble spelling if they are dyslexic or not a native speaker of English. However, everyone else should make an effort to ensure that they spell correctly. It’s not that difficult to make sure that whatever you write is correct – running it through the spell checker takes very little time. Do you think that spelling matters, or do you feel that language needs to move with the times and adapt its spelling accordingly?