sometimes we feel a little defeated

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Yesterday, I posted a blog about rejection. If you want to read the whole post, click here. To sum up the last post, rejections push us to our dreams and goals. Sure, rejection sucks and we feel defected but that doesn’t mean we are, it just means that wasn’t out opportunity and that’s not our path. A friend sent me this HuffPost article titled: What To Do When You’re Feeling Defeated. He suggested that it would be a great addition to omg it’s kendal ann, and I couldn’t agree more. After reading the HuffPost article, it really fits in with the theme of rejection and how you need to get over that hump and move on. Like Amy Shearn says, “If things are going catastrophically awry, you are allowed to wallow, of course you are — but for exactly four minutes. Here’s what to start during minute five…” read her article for what to do next.


it makes you work harder

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If you don’t take chances, you will never get rejected. Sure, rejection is a scary thing and yes, we are all scared of it. In the long run, rejection pushes us to our dreams and goals. Without rejection, would you be the best you can be? Take a look at this. It’s a rejection letter that Bono got back in 1979. What I am trying to say is, everyone has been rejected in some fashion or another, but it doesn’t stop you dead in your tracks. Thanks to this rejection letter Bono received, we are now graced with such ( dare I say it, even better) music than he was producing prior to 1979.  u2