what to read next?


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What made you pick up the book you are currently reading? How do you get suggestions and recommendations? If you’re on the hunt for something new and interesting to read, you have plenty of places to turn. Lifehacker put out a blog and  asked you where you went to find something good to read—whether it’s based on the things you’ve already read, someone’s suggestions you trust, a website that lets you build a virtual “shelf” of your favorite titles, or just a discussion group.

Goodreads, Book Bub, LibraryThing, Reddit were the top places to find a new book from the Lifehacker post. I’ve never tried using any of these except Goodreads, and my book turned out to be a good suggestion. Currently, Matt is reading a book that was suggested from a Reddit thread and he seems to be enjoying it so far.

Personally, I still like checking on Amazon and at the bookstore/library for a book. There’s some novelty about it that I can’t explain. When it comes to a niche or specialty books on highly specific topics, I would suggest going to a local bookstore and then a library as well. Looking for books on specifically political topics, or independently published authors whose books are on limited release? Indie bookstores are where you need to go—and the people that work there are likely to have suggestions for you too. I remember my days working in a bookstore: Each of us had a specialty area we were happy to talk about.