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I opened an email this morning that was entitled: Meet 3 successful women in fields dominated by men. That alone made me want to read this article. I had so many questions: who are these women, what fields did they work in, and what made them successful? Check it out, it’s well worth the read. Let me leave you with the opening lines, if this doesn’t make you want to read this– nothing will.

Following a dream often takes a healthy dose of courage—and a giant leap of faith. These three women have broken down barriers and rattled glass ceilings in fields typically run by the boys. They have a secret to share: You can do it, too!

post vacation blues

& getting back to reality

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Getting back to reality isn’t exactly my problem, work is. After taking a long vacation, especially and international trip. It is always hard to get back into the swing of things. Personally, I find it even harder to get back into your work-life groove. While you were gone so much has changed, people got hair cuts (haha), you missed countless staff meetings, dodged those crazy phone calls, and even have a stack of emails that you are still trying to catch up on after a week of being back. All you can ask yourself is: will it ever be the same?

Here are a few tips and trips to tackle your post vacation blues and get back in the game when it comes to work.


Once you get back you will need a lot of sleep. When traveling and on a vacation, you hardly sleep. In my case I was international, so I am dealing with timezone changes.


Which brings me to relaxing! When you are on vacation, you put so much effort into catching up with friends, checking out all the hot spots, and going above and beyond what you would normally do. You want to make this a trip of a life time, so relaxing is not on the docket. Now that you are home, you have to go to work, and reality sets in. Make sure you add in some relaxation time the first few days after being back from a long trip.


It’s hard to see 415 emails piled up, 9 missed phone called and a million papers on your desk. You need to make a to-do list. Figure out what needs to be accomplished first and what can hold off.

Take Notes

At staff meetings, take notes. During regular meetings take notes. Maybe it’s not your thing to take notes during meetings, because it’s not mine; however, I make sure to take as many notes as possible post vacation. My mind is running around trying to figure out a thousand different things, that these notes during any meeting are critical to my success.

Talk to People

This is a big one: talk to people. I’ve been engage in conversations I normally wouldn’t be. I want the dirt! I want to know what was happening while I was gone and how I can help with others. I want to see how other people can help me and who is also working on my projects. Make sure to talk with everyone to see what they have been doing and they will be of any help on your upcoming projects that are due.


I hope these tips and tricks help you once you come back from a vacation. They are really helping me to get through this week. And think…I am almost caught up and it’s almost Friday! #TGIF!


we are meant for something big

something simply extraordinary

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There is so much that I reflect, doubts, questions, hopes, countless thoughts going through that I’m sure you’re no stranger too. My point is, that I get so caught up in my thoughts that I cannot hear the voice  that says “you can do it!” I must admit that these are the moments when I shutdown. [Very much like the government.*laughs*] there are many moments when my heart and mind cannot agree. They cannot comprehend and fathom what I’m capable of nor  do they agree on courage and optimism. This is when I become prisoner to my mind. This is when I shut down. This must be natural for everyone. If you told you you’ve never experienced this feeling, I wouldn’t believe you.

In the meantime, I battle my own demons. And of course I come out victorious! (Heck, if I don’t believe in myself who will?)

I know that we are meant for something big huge and extraordinary! Right now, we might be able to point it out or name it, but there is a fire raging in our hearts, there is a passion swelling in our stomachs, and there is a voice calling in our heads. I don’t only believe these words for myself, but for you. And you need to believe these words, too. Maybe don’t believe them for me, but believe them for you.

I have to stop and reflect upon this sudden fact. That for all of my doubts, but for one second I never doubt that the fact that we are meant for something big. I just know it.

Even if it is 11th hour, the journey will begin.



keep kicking ass

& taking names

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I’m really set on this writing thing. Some of these entries come from the past, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t write it. I want to show you all aspects of my life, through my writing. I don’t really know what to say about this one. The introduction seems a little unnecessary; however, for context purposes an intro. Below, you will be let into a little love letter between an old-friend and myself. We were racking our brains about graduation and the woes of life. The struggles, the good, the bad and the ugly. Beyond those things, also solutions. Take a read.



I have completed writing a book in the past month because of all the things we have discussed from internships, successes, failures—which are really learning opportunities—travels and dreams. Most important naturally are the dreams that we are implementing each day to make our reality become a dream.  I think I will entitle this book: Kick Ass and Take Names: A True College Student Making Their Dreams Become Reality.  Mostly, I don’t want to write the whole thing. I suppose I would want it to be published, but perhaps start with a blog. I want it to be segments of what kids are doing to make their dream their reality.

Stop. Look. Listen.

We see it each day. We hear it each day. It’s a matter of knowing the person and acknowledging them. Their stories need to be heard and experienced by the masses. Every day I hear one more doubt from someone, from a sorority girl, a kid in class, or just someone in by passing. Frankly, I am sick of all of this negativity. I know myself along with the rest of the world can do better than that.

I have come to, yet again, another realization in my life. I hold myself to the highest standards and morals not because I can, rather because I truly believe in myself. I know I can make anything happen. The real kicker of this is that I don’t expect just myself to follow these things—I hold my friends to them too. I have incredible dreams and aspirations and I will achieve them some day. Again, I know each one of my friends has the same. I don’t pick friends because they are cute or funny. It’s more than that. It’s because I know they have dreams in lined with mine. It’s because they want to make their life matter. Because they understand what a dream is, how you achieve it and “failing” isn’t an option to say “Fuck it. It isn’t worth it.” they know that failing pushes them that much more. It’s one more reason to prove the world wrong.

Well, it looks like I have my first blog post. Ha I don’t even know how that happened. I guess, when I am in the air it really helps to clear your thoughts and to make sense of things again. I hope you feel the same.

It’s true I will be the next best motivational speaker or something of those sorts. It would truly be an honor for me to speak at conferences and tell my story to kids. Over the past year I had the opportunity to speak at  an environmental forum for my step mom’s class and that was a breathtaking experience. Having the opportunity to do that at least once a year would be amazing.

Keep kicking ass & taking names!