predicting your politics

can TIME really predict your politics?

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Much like the dialects quiz from NYT, there is a quiz that can predict your politics on TIME. The quiz is a series of 12 questions. When responding to the questions, you have the option to rate your answers “strongly disagree” through “strongly agrees”.

With this quiz, you will see how your preference of pet, Internet browsers, movies and several other items predicts your political leanings. My results were totally accurate. Upon completion of the quiz it will tell you what your Conservative qualities are vs. your Liberal qualities. Personally, I rated 86% Conservative, and 14% Liberal, but after a simple conversation with me, that wouldn’t be a surprise. I am interested to see when other people take this quiz what they rate. I don’t necessarily need to know your ratings, but I do what to know if this quiz reflects your political sway. Take the quiz, and let me know what you think.

a big step

for China

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in my short 23 years of life, China always had a one-child policy–now they are ready to abolish it. The Chinese government will ease its one-child family size restrictions and abolish re-education through labor camps. In turn this will end two policies that for have defined the state’s power to control the citizens’ of China lives.

If  this all is carried through, the lifting of this policy will mark the first significant nationwide easing of family-size restrictions. These restrictions have been in place in the 70s. There are estimates that the policy could lead to 1 to 2 million more births in China every year. Currently China’s birth rate per year is approximately 15 million.

Personally, this is a huge change and a huge step in another direction for China. We must applaud their efforts. China, will now be on the forefront, so keep an eye on the news.

For more information, check out this news article from the New York Times.

anything but dull

it’s election day

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It’s just a quick post today, my friends.

A few of my coworkers live in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and it’s a big day for them. Today is election day! Elections are running today in the following states: Washington, Virginia, Alabama, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. The elections in these states will be very interesting. After reading this NPR article, it only seemed appropriate to highlight the elections. If you live in one of these states make sure to get out and vote. As an American, voting is our civic duty! Take advantage of it and make your voice heard!