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I bleed red and white, green and gold, and blue and gold. I will never be able to shake those long “O’s.” Despite the season, the Badgers, Brewers and Packers are always on my radar. I can never get enough cheese, and PBR is my kind of beer. I can pronounce any place you point to on the map, and I will argue that we have more lakes than Minnesotawisconsin pride.

Folks, Wisconsin is my home and it always will be. For the past three years, I have lived in DC and I still get butterflies when I land in the motherland. I still get excited when I see a fellow Wisconsinite walking around DC repping my state. Wisconsin has state pride like I’ve never seen or experienced before. I know Texas would argue they have the most state pride, but I respectfully disagree. Wisconsin has camaraderie.

I’m sure it’s evident that I have undying state pride and love for Wisconsin, and frankly, that’s a burning passion that I will always have.

Over the weekend, I got in a heated argument with a friends’ friend I met. As we were making introductions and creating small talk, (let’s call him) Bill asked me where I was from and I proudly exclaimed, “WISCONSIN!” I countered and asked him where he was from. After much hesitation he answered, “New York…City.” With his response, this was something I was not pleased with or something that I was going to let stand by the wayside, I again asked again, “No, where are you really from?” Bill again hesitated and finally responded, “Chicago.” The conversation goes like this for a while and I finally get Bill to tell me where he is from after I told him I was very familiar with the “Chicago-area.”

I will give you the same talk that I dished out to Bill on Saturday night. Be proud of where you are from. Take pride in your upbringing and where you came from. Where you are from has a lot to do with who you are now. And truth be told, being a coward about your roots is almost an insult to your parents and how they raised you.

When you think of Wisconsin, what comes to mind? Probably the Green Bay Packers and cheese, and with good reason. The Packers are a storied NFL franchise, but as the foam cheese hats the Packers fans wear indicate, the real pride of Wisconsin are the people, the sports, the seasons, the beer, the cheese and the list will only continue.

Until the day I die, I bleed Wisconsin through and through. If it wasn’t for my Wisconsin and Midwestern upbringing, a lot would be different and I sincerely take pride in being from the great state of Wisconsin and being a true Midwestern.


heck yes!

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After a busy day, I took a break to take the “What State Do You Belong In?” test on Buzzfeed. With no surprise, I got Wisconsin! Check out the test. I am interested to see what your results are and if they are as accurate as my results. state

sconnie native

“Home interprets heaven. Home is heaven for beginners.”-Charles Henry Parkhurst

when referring to the Packers, you say “we.”

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*squeals* in less than twenty long minutes, I will be boarding a flight that [unfortunately takes me to Ohio, first–SNORE–the second worst state] will take me to the most majestic state; HELLO, WISCONSIN! I absolutely cannot wait to get off of that plane and breathe in my first breath of that fresh Wisconsin air. If you couldn’t have guessed, I’m a full-breed, born and raised Wisconsinite. Wisconsin is home for me. No matter where I have lived, live and will live–Wisconsin and the Midwest will always be home.

You asked what a Sconnie is

You asked what a Sconnie is

There are so many weird little things I am excited for about this trip. Obviously the usuals and the reason I go home, to see my family but beyond that there is more. Let me give you a breakdown of the simple joys I cannot wait to encounter

  1. a squeaky cheese curd- when a cheese curd is fresh is squeaks on your teeth
  2. the Brewers game
  3. Miller Park
  4. tailgating–I’m sorry Nats I love y’all, but shoot, you have to get it together with tailgating
  5. sipping on coffee on the front porch in the morning
  6. hanging out by the bonfire at night
  7. listening to the crickets and frogs as I fall asleep
  8. sleeping with my windows open
  9. wearing that perfect summer outfit: a long sleeve and shorts
  10. enjoying a Spotted Cow
  11. kayaking to on the lake
  12. the local coffee shop where everyone knows your name
  13. seeing familiar faces at church
  14. a fish fry
  15. the back country roads

Being back in Wisconsin at my parent’s house is always surreal, but this time is going to be better than ever. I cannot wait to get back there and to be greeted by the warm embrace of my loved ones. I cannot wait to get a thousand kisses from my pup and I cannot wait to sleep in a twin bed. So, here’s to you Wisconsin! I’ll be seeing you!

*oh and as soon as I land, I get to experience why airports are the best places on earth (wait for another post on that). Waiting for me at the security check-in will be Matt, yup you guessed it: the boyfriend. What are we waiting for let’s get this show on the road, plane!