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Dear You,

As our relationship has progressed you have noticed one motif about my life: go big, or go home. You’re right, I don’t take things lightly and I don’t do them small. If I am going to do something, I commit. With all that being said, my birthday is never a different story. Every few years, the Super Bowl will try to overshadow my special day but I never allow it to do so.

This year, my birthday was wonderful because of you. Celebrating this 24th year is something I will ever forget. Being surrounded by loved ones, receiving phone calls and even the simple smiles truly made the day something special.

Over the years we’ve shared many stories, laughter, drinks and celebrations, but this one was different. This particular birthday celebration encompassed many wonderful aspects of my life. The celebrations this year allowed me to join in all of the tom foolery and showering of love that a birthday should have.

For you, I am grateful. Without you, my birthday would not have been the same. Thank you for the memories we made this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing what my 24th year has in store. I am lucky to have you along for the journey. Once again, thank you. I am so touched and thankful to be blessed by such awesome family and friends!

All My Love,

Kendal Ann



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an open letter

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*disclaimer- this is an open letter and a rant, so get out while you cant before you are in too deep.

To Whom it May Concern:

How can you possibly think that his music is better acoustic? I’m sorry is the Pope Catholic? Are you listening with your ears? Let’s take a step back to the 1st grade and put on our listening ears.

Are you actually listening to the words of the music, to the sick beats in the background? Let me ask you this—why are you listening to him? Does he put you in a good mood, lift your spirits, bring you down? Is he making you dance?

This man is amazing. Behind his lyrics are his beats, maybe he personally doesn’t mix them all on his own, but the beats make the tunes. The beats make your soul move. Jamming to him is one of my favorite things to do, and you’re killing it for me. I don’t even think you’re listening to his music or me.

If we’re going to be friends this needs to be a give-a-little-take-a-little relationship. But this is just one thing I absolute without a doubt cannot budge on.

With All My Love
Yours truly,

Kendal Ann

Guys, I need your help. I need some reassurance. This man is the most miraculous gift, puny, awesome, dangerously good-looking, and wicked down to earth. Let me introduce you to my friend, Hoodie Allen. Hoodie has been making his dreams a reality for years now. He is one of the most respectable and admirable people.

I need your opinion. Maybe it will kill me to hear that you actually like all of his acoustic better than his regular beats, and that’s fine. Honestly, like what you like. I just want to get his name out there even more than it is now.

Take a listen and tell me which you prefer.

Original Version

Acoustic Version

*disclaimer– please read the follow from Hoodie. This is why I respect him so much. He stepped out of his comfort zone and wanted to go where no rapper has gone before. I appreciate that.