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Keeping up with the news is exhausting. I remember taking a few news writing classes in college, and it was our responsibility to be informed and in-the-know. Same with in high school, I had countless pop quizzes in my classes. These quizzes were based on current events. My teachers and professors wanted to know how we were staying informed, how well we digested information and if we deemed “news/current events” important in our daily lives.

I subscribed and read these two emails in the morning and they are great snapshots of the big news that is going on. I usually read TheSkimm first and then Need2Know. Sometimes they have similar stories, but it’s always entertaining. The breakdowns are quick and easy and you won’t feel exhausted after reading these brief snippets of news. The best part about these soruces: they are free and it’s easy to sign up, too! On similar lines, check out Newser they have an app as well and Playbook, by Politico. These four sources have been saying my life. I don’t have to spend 2 hours reading news that I generally would just sift through and I don’t have to go from news source to news source. All of the stories and facts are right there at the touch of a button.