july 20

hosting the Brewers

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Here’s some interesting information. The last two times the Senators hosted the Brewers on July 20, Richard Nixon showed up!  Now, rather than the Senators the Nats will host the Brewers on July 20. The last two times that happened, President Richard Nixon showed up. The last time, in 1971, he came with about 3,800 of his best friends. He waved to Washington’s pitcher, chatted with Ted Williams and received a warm greeting from the crowd. Sadly, it won’t happen today but I am sure President Nixon will be at the park in spirit!


opening day


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It’s the moment we have been waiting for, baseball is back. After a long winter, spring couldn’t come soon enough and with spring that only means one thing; baseball! No matter how baseball tries to disappoint you at times, Opening Day is still a welcome and special moment after that long and cold winter.

Baseball, is the greatest game of all. It is your life played across nine innings. It comes with hits, runs and errors. It is played by people who are rather isolated on the field—the pitcher, the shortstop, the center fielder—and when they make a mistake, an error, it’s there for all to see. But they do what you must do every day: Get back in the batter’s box and keep on swinging.

Love-MLB-copyToday, a long-awaited, frenzied and fantastic Nationals Opening Day will start the season.

It’s about time.


it’s about time

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Finally, it’s that time of the year when everything seems right in the world. My friends, the greatest sport known to mankind is back. Baseball is back. This is going to be one hell of a season and I am more excited than ever to see what is in store for my teams, the Nationals and the Brewers. The power, the awe, the greatness, and everything we love about baseball is finally back. Here’s to another season of American’s pasttime, because the wait is over and baseball is back!



the newest addition

a warm welcome to Matt Williams

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Here’s to Matt Williams, the newest addition to the Washington Nationals. Williams will replace Davey Johnson, to now manage the Nats in 2014. The Nationals have been on the hunt for a new manager since Johnson announced his retirement before the 2013 season and Williams looks like a great pick for the Nationals. Though Williams has no managerial experience besides a brief moment with the Arizona Fall League last season, I don’t see any better option for the team!

Background on Williams

He was an All-Star third baseman for the Giants, Indians and Diamondbacks. The cool thing about Williams is that he is actually a five-time All-Star third baseman and a four-time Gold Glove winner. In 2004, he served as the Diamondbacks’ team broadcaster until 2009 when he was hired as the first-base coach.  Most recently, he was coaching the Diamondbacks in the 2010-2013 seasons. In his 17-season major league career, Williams hit .268 with 378 homers, 1,218 RBIs and a .317 on-base percentage.

Williams, now 47, will be managing the Nationals in the 2014 season. I expect great things out of this season.  Mike Rizzo, the Nats’ general manger, was the Diamondbacks scouting director in the early 2000s. Potentially there is a relationship between Rizzo and Williams, and I can only imagine this will make the team stronger for the coming seasons. 

If you are interested in reading more check out this article from the Washington Post about Matt Williams.

Welcome to the family, Matt! Make us proud this year!