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I am mildly obsessed with Chromeo. Their tunes are so smooth. The song Jealous is from the album White Women which is available now! Order here: If these guys are coming anywhere near you, I would highly recommend seeing them in concert.

New Kids on the Block

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So maybe I am lame because my favorite summer anthem song is by New Kids on the Block, but that’s okay I’d rather be lame than pretend to like something that I don’t.  Summertime is a 2008 single and the first from the New Kids on the Block album titled The Block. The single was released in May 2008, the coolest part Summertime was the first single released by the group since 1994. Thanks for that awesome High School graduation gift, New Kids on the Block.

The best part of this song might be the music video–please know I am joking about this part, really the music video is not great by any means. The music video was premiered on VH1 later in 2008, do you all remember Pop-up videos on VH1?  The video was directed by Thomas Kloss and Donnie Wahlberg. The video begins with Donnie exiting a hangar and texts the band members with the message that said, “It’s on.” Then he boards a helicopter that’s waiting for him. The band members are each shown receiving the message while they are doing various activities like swimming or running and they head off to the beach. They are then shown singing on the beach and at a party.

What’s there not to love about this song? It’s a little bit of a throwback from an awesome band, the beach, texting (haha), a summer love story and friends. It’s really the perfect summer anthem. Maybe this song didn’t top the Billboard charts, but it’s always on my top charts!


roadtrip playlist

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When you roadtrip, it is essential to make a playlist. Last year I was introduced to this awesome thing called 8tracks. It’s an app and website that allow you to create your own playlist and listen to other people’s. You can search or explore playlists based off of mood, key words, artists or titles.

Check out the playlist Matt, Pat and I will be rocking out to this weekend. After 142 we have 9 hours and 22 minutes of pure bliss. This playlist is really going to set the mood right for our weekend.



turn it up!

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I don’t know what is is about this playlist that buzzfeed just published, but it is incredible. These are the songs that you need in your life for the Summer of 2014. Make sure to check these tunes out. If you are heading on a road trip, add them to the list. You’re having a lull in the office? Turn these tunes up! Check out this list here. Keep in mind, it’s kind of a pain to Youtube all of these songs, but in the end it will be worth it.

Happy listening!


in DC?

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Over the weekend, there was an awesome summer kick off festival called “Summerfest DC”. Now, as you know I come from Wisconsin which is home to actual Summerfest. Summerfest back home is a BFD. In fact, it’s a big deal all over the place. Milwaukee holds the world’s largest music festival in the world. Yes, you read that correctly, Milwaukee holds the WORLD’s LARGEST MUSIC FESTIVAL and it is pretty spectacular! For 11 days, Milwaukee is flooded with people from around the world to nibble on cheese curds, drink Wisconsin beer and to jam out to their favorite music. This outdoor music festival is unlike any other. It’s incomparable.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of hitting up Summerfest DC. Yes, there was music and it was a kickoff to summer event but it wasn’t comparable to (my) Summerfest. DC Summerfest is THE official kickoff of the summertime season in our Nation’s Capital on Saturday, May 24th. Upon arrival we were handed a  tasting glass to enjoy more than 100+ Craft Beers and ciders all afternoon. That sounds good, but that’s not it along with the beers and ciders came wine. There were also unlimited tastes of 20+ wines, of all varieties! And because you get rather hungry when consuming a lot of liquids, food trucks were available for our munching. Thankfully Summerfest DC also offered live music all day and outdoor games, like bags (also known as corn hole).

Like I said, they are totally incomparable festivals but I am happy I have been able to attend both. If you live in the District and haven’t been to Summerfest DC yet, be sure to make it next year. Likewise, if you live in Wisconsin (or the surrounding area) check out Summerfest.

every time

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Matt, this one’s for you. I love you #CTBOT

Recently, I stumbled upon this song, Sunshine & Whiskey by Frankie Ballard. The beat is great. The song feels like summer. The tune will make you tap your feet, and you will definitely be thinking of that special someone by the end of the song. 

You hit me like fire, shot me like a bullet.
Burned me up and down, no way to cool it.
But every time you kiss me it’s like sunshine and whiskey.
It’s like a bottle of Jack straight to the head.
One shot, two shot, copper tone red.
Every time you kiss me it’s like sunshine and whiskey.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do! 


best ever

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I am a little ashamed that I am just finding this now. If you haven’t heard this incredible mashup yet, you can thank me later. Let’s hear some applauds for this creation! Someone has made an amazing mashup! I trust you will be listening to this all day tomorrow. 

mark your calendar!

WMJF (Washington Music Jewish Festival)

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For the past several years I’ve been missing Matisyahu and it’s been driving me crazy. Every time he is out on the road, I get my hopes up that I will be seeing him but he is always in Wisconsin when I am in DC and vice versa, but not this year. Sunday, June 1 Matisyahu  will be taking the Lisern stage and rocking it.

Matisyahu’s show will consist of fan favorites “King Without a Crown,” “One Day,” and “Jerusalem” and new music from his recently released album Akeda.

Thanks to The Washington Jewish Music Festival, Matisyahu will be coming back to DC. Check out their schedule to see the other activities you can attend.