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Happy Monday, y’all! Monday is not the day to get back to the grindstone. Monday is the day to be back at your passion. If you’re working for the weekend, you’re doing it wrong. With that said, kiss ass every day.

dear Monday

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Hey, it’s Monday and you know what, it’s going to be okay. Sure, most people have a whole complex about Mondays but we don’t need to put Monday in a bad light. Stop having the ” Dear Monday, We need to break up because I am seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. Don’t take it personally, because it’s me not you.” mentality. It’s not Monday’s fault.

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you can find me at: @K_AnnM | Insta | LinkedIn

Monday is the best day to get motivated to do some good with the rest of your week. Guess what? You have a brand new week ahead of you to slay dragons, achieve goals, sweat more (literally, thanks DC), gripe less and ditch the fear. Are you ready? Let’s do this, Monday! MOtivation-MOnday-

monday blues?


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Do you lack passion and motivation on Monday morning? You might be answering “yes”, but is that because you had a long weekend or have a case of the Mondays? Monday’s are only as bad as you make them and of course, your case of the Mondays can have a negative impact on your performance and productivity—as well as the people around you. Remember you can tackle your Mondays and make them better.

Prepare for Monday on Friday

Listen to this playlist

Have something to look forward to: make a list of the things you’re excited about

Get enough sleep and wake up early

Make someone else happy/smile

Keep your Monday schedule light

happy monday

you can find me at: @K_AnnM | Insta | LinkedIn


Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off with a burst of inspiration and motivation, shall we? Remember there are 3 C’s for life. and 469d708db7149db48cc963d175f91865they are Choices, Chances, Chances. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change. What better day than to make choices,take changes and to make change than to a Monday?