the internet

yeah, I have it

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THIS JUST IN: I HAVE THE INTERNET. That’s right, you can officially welcome me into the 21st Century! In September someone told me to write a post about living sans Internet, I accepted and did so. You can read the post “i’m not with the 21’st century: the interwebs” here.  If you don’t want to read the post, that’s cool. Here are the highlights to get you on board.


Life without the internet is one of the most surreal things
Most people think I am absolutely bat-shit crazy
It’s rejuvenating and I love it
It was my decision: I’m not asking you to live in my house

But now, as I do have the Internet, I figured it would be most appropriate to tell you how I am coping (yes coping) with that monstrosity.

the update

NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Honestly, nothing has really changed. I still don’t have a working computer and I hardly ever use my iPad for something more than reading when I’m at home. I still rely on my phone to provide me with simple every day things like social media, but 95% of the time I don’t have my phone even connected to WiFi. I will tell you it is nice to have the option to use the internet for other things if I would like, but the opportunity for has not presented it self yet.


will happen

you can find me at: @K_AnnM | Insta | LinkedIn

If you read one thing today, I hope it is this. I hope the following picture really hits you hard. I hope this photo grabs you at the shoulder and shakes you. I hope this is your wake up call.


We are given the opportunity at one life, make it magical. Remember, life begins at the end of your comfort zone.