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If you are a lover of New Girl or not you need to watch this. This is one of those gems that can’t help but bring a smirk to your face. Thanks to Matt for showing me this video. I hope you all enjoy the results of Rihanna + Schmidt!

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Happy Monday, y’all! Monday is not the day to get back to the grindstone. Monday is the day to be back at your passion. If you’re working for the weekend, you’re doing it wrong. With that said, kiss ass every day.

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always follow up

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I will let you in on a little secret. Networking can virtually occur in any settings. But networking might not be the most important part of making contacts, my friends, it is essential to always follow up. An initial contact is great, but you aren’t really networking if the relationship does not continue. To achieve success in your networking efforts, it is vital to follow up.

You want to cultivate those relationships and the solution isn’t more networking, but rather spending more time networking with a follow up system in place. Honestly, your business or career may even depend on it. Let me fill you in on a few best practices.

Take notes

More than likely, you exchanged business cards, if not get in the habit of doing that. At the very least get their business card. Immediately after the event, jot down a few quick notes about the people you met. I write these directly on their business card. It’s important to do this shortly after the event so the conversation is still fresh in your mind.

Send an email 24 hours after meeting

When sending your first email, you want to demonstrate that you are thoughtful, reliable, and consistent. Just like you put the effort in to make a good impression at the event, continue to do that in your email. Of course, make sure there are no typos, spelling errors or run-on sentences. Sharing useful data, offering further help and focusing on the receipt of the email are all things to keep in mind when writing this exchange.

Connect on Social Media

The next step is to connect with the person on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or follow their blog. Once I am connected with someone on LinkedIn or Twitter, for example, I am less likely to lose touch with them and they will be reminded of me every time I post something. Plus, both are excellent tools for remaining “top of mind” with people in your extended network.

Follow-Up & Add Value

The hardest part about following up with people who you still don’t know that well is finding excuse for contacting that person without sounding like a car salesman. When you follow up with your contact, add value to your outreach.  A few ways to do this could consist of sending an information article, making an introduction or inviting them to an event. Again, it’s hard to make these follow up connections but know that everyone is in the same boat. Here’s another useful article about adding value from the NYTimes.

Keep these things in mind next time you are next working and following up with those connections!


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This awesome App will help you to read fast, and I mean fast. Check it out, it will allow you to read a novel in 90 minutes. Now, will this be used for enjoyment or really for all of those kids in school, high school, college, or even grad school? Look at this article from the Elite Daily. It will start you at a 250 word per minute reading level and take you to 500 or even 1,000! This App is going to change the reading game forever. Boston-based software developer, Spritz, has been laying low for three years, tinkering with their program and leasing it out to different ebooks, apps and other platforms.

thought of the day

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This will give you something to think about. Ann Marie, sent me a thought of the day.

Struggle and conflict is neither good nor bad, it just is. Everything that grows experiences conflict. Conflict precedes clarity. Everything has the seasons of growth. Recognize – acknowledge – forgive and change. All of these things are done through conflict.


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Sometimes, Sam Davidson is in my head. This man and I are on the same wavelength more often than not. If you don’t know who Sam is, I would suggest getting to know him through his blog. Below is a post from today about success and what it gets you.  After reading Sam’s post, it’s impossible not to take into consideration the benefits and ramifications of success. Is success really want you want?

What Success Gets You

I’ve found that more than anything else, success gets you noticed.

More people email or call. People listen. Folks perk up.

Success may get you other things, too. Or maybe it leaves out stuff.

So if you want attention, be successful. They go hand in hand.

But if you really want something else, there may be another path to it.


equals social networks, what?

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As many of you know, my current employer blocks ALL websites that could be considered “fun” and “unproductive.” Anything from Facebook to Hootsuite to CNN videos, they’re all blocked. I understand the logic behind blocking social networking, but not the news, especially when people have TVs in their offices to watch the news. Isn’t it our job and civic duty to stay informed? I digress.

After complaining about our blocked sites to a co-worker the other day, she showed me this article from Forbes, Want To Be A More Productive Employee? Get on Social Networks. The article talks about not feeling guilty if you Tweet, Pin, Facebook or even use LinkedIn while you are on the clock because it will actually make you a more productive employee. Now only if I can get my company to unblock those websites…  Anyways, it’s a pretty interesting read, take a look.

The article poses these two questions, “Does your company use social media internally? Has your company tracked impact on employee productivity?” These are two very interesting questions, and I would love to know the answers to them. Forbes, can you create a poll on this? Personally, I would have no problem if my company tracks my level of productivity, but at least allow me to use some social media or my phone in the office.


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Today, is about learning how to do one new thing. What you learn does not have to be huge, it just has to be new. It’s the fact that you are learning. Take the time and learn one new thing today and follow after Pablo Picasso.

I am always doing that which I cannot, in order that I may learn how to do it. – Pablo Picasso