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Dear You,

As our relationship has progressed you have noticed one motif about my life: go big, or go home. You’re right, I don’t take things lightly and I don’t do them small. If I am going to do something, I commit. With all that being said, my birthday is never a different story. Every few years, the Super Bowl will try to overshadow my special day but I never allow it to do so.

This year, my birthday was wonderful because of you. Celebrating this 24th year is something I will ever forget. Being surrounded by loved ones, receiving phone calls and even the simple smiles truly made the day something special.

Over the years we’ve shared many stories, laughter, drinks and celebrations, but this one was different. This particular birthday celebration encompassed many wonderful aspects of my life. The celebrations this year allowed me to join in all of the tom foolery and showering of love that a birthday should have.

For you, I am grateful. Without you, my birthday would not have been the same. Thank you for the memories we made this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing what my 24th year has in store. I am lucky to have you along for the journey. Once again, thank you. I am so touched and thankful to be blessed by such awesome family and friends!

All My Love,

Kendal Ann



super bowl


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Over the years I have learned that most people who watch the Super Bowl are really watching it for the commercials. Last night, there were a few commercials that really got me hooked. Below are three of my favorite. And don’t get me wrong, both pistachio and Doritos had great commercials this year, too, they just didn’t make my top three.

What were your favorite commercials this year?


& technology

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As we all know, phonetics represents the sounds of speech with a set of distinct symbols, each designating a single sound. An easier way to say that is, the proper pronunciation as aspiration of consonants or vowel length in English. Sometimes people have trouble with the pronunciation of particular words. For instance, I get tripped up on saying the words cinnamon and synonymy. I know these are two very different words, but they related phonetically. Other words that have been hard for me to say include but are not limited to, pistachio, sandwich and February.

There always is a correct and a wrong way to pronounce things. In my opinion, I think technology has a one-up on humans. Technology is programed to help us properly phonetically pronounce words. There have been times I’ve typed a word into my notepad, highlighed, then selected speak to ensure I will be pronouncing a word (or name) properly.  photo

Technology is a funny thing. Siri is a funny thing. She is trained to complete taks based on your speech pattern. After using Siri, she will start to recognize how you say things rather than correcting you. Patrick, who has guest blogged in the past, has been using Siri for years. While Patrick was driving in the car, he said, “Siri call Brittney.”  This is something Siri often does for Patrick, so calling Brittney should not be a hard task. Low and behold, Siri responds saying, “I don’t see ‘Britt Knee’ in your address book. Should I look for locations by that name?” Flabbergasted at this request, Patrick just dialed her on his own.

I was roaring with laughter when Patrick told me this story. I couldn’t believe that a technological item took him so literal. It just goes to show, Siri truly is out smarting us. I found an article to share with all of you Siri lovers, Teach Siri To Stop Saying Your Contact Names Like a Robot. Now you can program Siri to understand your phonetics and how you speak. If you use Siri, I would love to hear about your experiences with her.