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Random acts of kindness are awesome and they make the world go around. These awesome acts can either spontaneous or planned, and I believe that random acts of kindness are encouraged by various communities. A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people. The phrase may have been coined by Anne Herbert, who says that she wrote “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” on a place mat at a Sausalito restaurant in 1982 or 1983.

Enough with the history, let’s get to the real stuff. Saying goodbye to the weekend and hello to another work week can make Monday feel like a major bummer and it’s never a fun thing to do. Rather than drowning your sorrows in coffee and spreadsheets, give your mood a little boost with random acts of kindness. These acts truly go along way, just like a smile.

So far I am holding a pretty good tally with my acts. Over the weekend, my acts started and I’ve been feeling great about them. After eating lunch, I asked my server to box up my leftovers and  a homeless person (who was my age) came up to me and asked me for my food. Without hesitation, I said yes and handed them over. He must have been starving and really looking for a meal. He was gracious beyond belief and immediately starting eating.

Random acts of  kindness really make you smile. Whatever you are doing today, try to fit in a little nicety.

good people

performing random acts of kindness

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There are “good people” left in the world. That’s such a blanket statement, but let me tell you about these so called good people.

I come back from a meeting and I have an emailing waiting for me in my inbox from a good friend of mine. Let’s call her Madison. The email is titled, “So this was my morning…..” Needless to say with a subject like that, I opened the email immediately. Much to my surprise, the email was talking about Madison’s woes of a Thursday morning. All said and done, she was locked out of her apartment with her dog. Madison had 6% battery left and wasn’t wearing shoes. She managed to call a locksmith and her boss before her phone died, putting her off to a pretty good start this morning. Finally, 30 minutes later, the locksmith came and rather than unlocking her car, he noticed a shivering dog with a frozen girl not wearing shoes in 30 degree weather. Without any questions, he opened the backdoor of the house.

This is the part where the nice people come in.

Madison tried to pay the locksmith, but he refused to accept payment. Rather than her paying, he wrote down that he performed an auto unlock, which was covered by her insurance. His fatherly ways took over as he yelled at Madison to get inside before she caught a cold.

Sure, the story was hilarious to read, but that’s not the point. The point is there are always people out there who do things for the greater good. When you need a little pick me up the most, there they are—waiting for you. I hope you take this story and realize that you’re one of those good people left in the world, too. Today, I challenge you to perform a random act of kindness.

gift giving is encouraged

thanks, Starbucks!

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As I am sure you’ve already heard, and if not please let me tell you some amazing news. Today Starbucks launchedtweet me coffee “tweet-a-coffee”! What an excellent idea! It’s really easy to use and fun. It’s a new way to send $5 egift cards to your Twitter friends and followers. Currently this is only available for those in the US, but I am sure that won’t be the case for long.

Currently, to entice consumers to try the program, the first 100,000 who link their accounts with their Visa cards will receive a $5 gift card for themselves when they tweet a gift card to someone (a perk for Visa cardholders–that’s me!). About three hours ago I started to follow @tweetacoffee and sent my first gift to my sister. My sister and I live states apart, but we both love fall and the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte. I wanted to send her a gift because it is Monday and just because. Tweeting her a coffee is an easy way for her to enjoy a PSL on me until we could enjoy one together.

Some people are calling this groundbreaking, which I can see why. Now having the option to tweet a coffee to a friend is really excellent. This will allow you to be in connection with others on a more intimate level than just over a computer or phone. Now we can share experiences. We can send people gifts for events we cannot attend, and making it based on Twitter is an easy option. Now this allows us to send a gift right at our fingers tips.

Tweet-a-coffee now allows us to do something unique and different in eGifting, like I said you can now be there and give a gift at any moment.  With this platform it can be used with anyone, close friends, coworkers, and even people you’ve yet to meet. Tweet-a-coffee shows a sense of community. It allows us to  share acts of kindness with one another, both near and far. Tweet-a-coffee is a next step as we innovate our social digital gifting offering.

it’s the little things

beyond blessed

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Everyday mankind proves itself, every day is a surprise. Today, mankind has both surprised me in a good and bad way. While I was on my way to the office, a shooting broke out in Washington, DC. So far, they have declared 12 people killed by the Navy Yard shooting in Washington, DC, and as of 2:30 PM the suspects are still on the loose.

As this is an awful act, and truly heart-wrenching, the shooting today is the bad example. On the flip side, I am so blessed, as I am sure most of you learned today that you are as well. Today, I received countless emails and text messages from friends who I speak with every day and from others who I haven’t in a while. It’s an incredible sensation to know, that people are still thinking of me even when I am not at the forefront of their life. It’s even more meaningful to know they took the time out of their day to make sure I, along with my friends were safe. Taking it a step further– friends, I couldn’t have asked for better ones. I had a simple message saying, If your apartment is sectioned off and unreachable, come over tonight for tacos and MNF. It’s friends like these that really make the world go around.

Devastating acts happen daily. It’s up to us to turn these devastating acts into something beautiful. We must help others out of these devastating situations to re-prove ourselves and mankind. A random act of kindness never hurt anyone, neither did a simple text/email saying hello to an old friend.