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Who doesn’t love a good emjoi? So, I am pretty much obsessed with emojis. That’s my favorite thing about the iPhone. Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. Sometimes, you need that perfectly fitting emoji.

On Monday, the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit that regulates the coding standards for written computer text that includes, yes, emoji, announced that it has added 2,834 new characters to its widely adopted standard. Among them are approximately 250 emoji. Can you believe this is happening? I can’t. I am over joyed and thrilled with excitement. July will bring the 250 new emojis to the Emojipedia as part of the Unicode 7.0 software update from Apple, Google and Microsoft.

To see the list of soon-to-be new emojis click here. I will say I am pretty bummed out there isn’t a shark or unicorn…

Why I Don’t Own A Smart Phone

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Friends, take a read at this and let me know your thoughts. Before you jump to conclusions, listen to Ryan and hear him out. I love Ryan’s thought process about ditching his smartphone. Really, when it comes down to it, what’s all the rage? I’d really love to hear thoughts on ditching your smartphone or keeping on your next contract renewal. Maybe even read this article about ditching the smartphone, this is what I’m truly considering and then maybe I’ll be that person who can say I don’t own a smartphone.

a photo scavangerhunt

challenge offered

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I love giving myself challenges. I thrive on challenges. I like giving people challenges. A challenge gives you the brain capacity to think outside of the box. Having a new perspective is what we need every now and again. The other day, Matt was looking through his Instagram feed and someone posted a Photo Challenge for the month of December. Basically, it was a challenge to take a photo every day in the month of December focusing on whatever word or phrase was associated with that day. Matt told me about this insta challenge and I was already interested, as was he, but after we looked at more it, was uninteresting, ie, the words and phrases weren’t as creative. With a challenge on our minds, I came up with the idea to make Matt a list that he had to follow.

Matt accepted the challenge. The rules: take one photo based on the word or phrase, post on instagram. The list I gave him is below. Throughout this challenge, I told him that he has 30 days to do it, but the list isn’t associated with particular dates like it was in the last challenge. Sometimes as an artist you need flexible.

The list:

1. An ornament

2. Footprints in the snow

3. A wild animal

4. Love

5. A toast to the new year

6. A smile

7. Red and green

8. A Christmas tree in a different light (texture)

9. An antique

10. A barn

11. The wind

12. Icicles

13. Tradition

14. Cookies

15. Gifts

16. A warm embrace

17. Winter wonder land

18. Cold

19. Kindness

20. A hobby

21. The night

22. Day break

23. Your favorite holiday movie

24. Your favorite holiday memory

25. Champagne

26. Holiday texture

27. Your favorite building in Racine

28. A bow

29. Symbols of holiday tradition

30. A place filled with joy

Matt is six photos deep and he’s really going with this challenge. I appreciate that he is playing along and taking this challenge to heart. If you’re interested in the challenge or the photos he is taking, you can follow along on his Twitter OR on his Insta.


my thoughts

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Over all I think it is a brilliant update. Sure there are things I am angry about, and make me want to throw my phone against a wall but over all I think it’s great. There are features about this phone that I have been waiting for since the iPhone came out. It’s excellent, and I would truly love to hear your thoughts on why you love or hate the new update.

Phone, FaceTime and Messages: block contacts

Does someone have your number and you wish they didn’t? Successfully avoid exes, creditors, or anyone else you don’t want to speak to, with iOS 7’s excellent blocking features. Add the number to your Contacts, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Block This Caller to refuse incoming calls, messages (including SMS and MMS) and FaceTime calls.

Timestamps on Messages

so for example in Messages, you won’t see timestamps against each SMS, MMS or iMessage. Want to know when they were sent? Swipe left.


Personally, I get really annoyed when I have to inset my address, and email in a million different forms online when using my phone. I have a long email, what can I say. So now, they made an option where you can AutoFill. Granted you must be a little trustworthy, but you can still make this an option. I highly suggest it. Toggle these AutoFill options individually from Settings > Safari > Passwords > AutoFill.

Automatic Updates for Apps

More than anything I hate wasting my time. Now, with iOS7 that’s not a problem! You now can update all of your apps automatically. Maybe I am telling you this and getting your hopes up because you need a few things to be able to do this. Just in case check this out. a) you have an unlimited data plan, and b) your favorite app’s functionality doesn’t get mangled with some poorly advised revisions. Control this function either way by going to Settings > iTunes and App Store and sliding the Updates option under Automatic Downloads.

Background Refresh

Personally, I think this is one of the coolest features. #Nerdstatus I know, but honest– with apps constantly running is the background your phone is draining so much battery is crazy. Now you have the ability to turn off apps so they aren’t always running in the background: turn off any offenders by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh

New Tunes

It’s pretty cool that Apple decided to throw in some new tunes to their soundboard. The best part is they don’t even suck that much. You have more options and they aren’t boring– check them out!


There are two major things that grind my gears about the new system, which I think will be changed soon. The fact that images you took or saved to your phone now are completely distorted and way too big to be used as a background on your phone. When you go into the settings to change a photo you have the option to move and scale, but you cannot do either. And the other, a very minor thing– you don’t have the option to delete messages (texts, iMessages). Let’s say one doesn’t send and you can either send it again or just leave it sit there. It’s annoying, and I hope that gets fixed.

Two other things I initially had problems with but found a quick fix: the calendar, and the weather.
As for the calendar I didn’t like that there wasn’t a view by month option, but there is! To do so, double click the month, tada!
The weather, all of my friends have been complaining their heads off about no weather being on the drop down. It’s simple go to Settings > General > Privacy > Location Services > Weather (turn on). Once you do that, go to a drop down, and tada there it is!

If you haven’t already check out the new operating system. Sure it looks a lot different but it’s smooth, slick and totally awesome. I hope you enjoy it!

iPhones and all their rage

but seriously, what’s all the rage?

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Apple unveiled the plans for the newest iPhone a few days ago. Let me start by saying: I am an avid Apple user. I love my MacBook (when I use it), I love my iPad, iPod (yes I still have one), and I have a love-hate relationship with my iPhone5. Sure there are more days I love all of these products than days I want to throw them off a building and have a car run over them, but I think Apple is slacking. To prove this point I will give you a context.

Yesterday the Business Insider came out with an article titled: If You Already Have An iPhone 5, Do Not Buy One Of Apple’s New iPhones This Year. In a nutshell the article reads:

Basically, if you are an iPhone 5 owner, it really doesn’t make sense to upgrade unless you are the type of person who always has to have the latest and greatest. You should only upgrade if you have an iPhone 4S or earlier iPhone model.

Plus, there’s a lot to look forward to next year. If Apple follows its pattern, it will introduce a new iPhone with a new design in 2014. And there’s already chatter that next year’s iPhone could have a larger screen.

I couldn’t agree more. When I upgraded from the five, I went from a 3– and it was a huge jump. It was like eating nutella for the first time. Honestly, whenever I picked up my iPhone 5, I heard angels signing…at first. After the honeymoon period with my new iPhone5, Ferdinand, he started giving me problems. Ferdinand was sick all the time. He would randomly turn off, not charge, stop charging when it was plugged in to charge, the battery would hardly get me to work and through a staff meeting, oh and it would over heat ALL the time–even in winter. Needless to say, this phone was a shit-show and really creating more problems than necessary for me.

As a loyal Apple user, I’ve started to have a belief that  Apple is slacking. I don’t see what all the rage is about these products anymore. The argument was that Apple was “so far” advanced from everyone else that they hide all of the new updates and technology until their competitors can “catch-up” with them. So let me ask this as a small example: if Samsung is so far behind Apple then why did they come out with the option to do panorama photos, LIGHT YEARS before Apple? I will tell you this, when I have an upgrade I’m jumping ship and making my way over to a new product. My parents recently did the jump to Samsung, they have no troubleshooting issues, no freezing–and couldn’t be more happy with the product. When did my parents become cooler than me?