das beste oder nichts

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Mottos are something we all need to invest in. A motto, a short expression of a guiding principle, simply could be our saving grace. Have you ever applied to a job and looked at the company’s mission and were turned off? I could ask the same for a club or organization.

Mottos relect our essence. They help inculcate values. Mottos can be personal mantras and a phrase to live by. Mottos can inspire during tough times.  In short, mottos remind us what we stand for, and what we wish to pass to the next generation.

believe in yourself

bet on yourself

you can find me at: @K_AnnM | Insta | LinkedIn

After listening to The Snap Judgement 2013 Look Back Special, it all dawned on me. If I want people to believe in me, I have to believe in myself. That also means you need to bet on yourself by going all in.  Believing in yourself isn’t something that should be taken with a light heart, believing in yourself is a full-time commitment.

One segment in particular, How ‘Going For Broke’, Launched Homeboy Sandman’s Career talked about how Homeboy Sandman finally decided to take his music career full-time. First, his rhymes weren’t coming that expensive NYC rent, so he found himself staring down five grand in debt with an eviction a possibility. Homebody Sandman talks about how going for broke is all about believing in yourself before anybody else does.