paying on the honor system

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Today we unfortunately live in a  society where the honor system doesn’t seem to work. But sometimes we have to step back and look at humanity and really let things take course.

Yesterday I found out about this awesome self-service coffee shop in North Dakota. Basically the idea of a self-serve coffee shop means it operates without baristas. The Vault, a new coffee shop in Valley City,  is where customers are on the honor system. When you get up to make your own cup of joe, you also pay by using the honor system. It seems like a pretty incredible concept, huh?

After reading more about this concept, I found out that the owner installed cameras but only for a safe atmosphere. The owner also commented on how people are more generous. “When I add up how much has been taken and how much is in the till at the end of the day … people are 15% more generous than thieving.” It’s a great feeling to know there is still faith in humanity. Honestly, it warms my heart.