it’s a powerful thing

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Here’s a little food for thought. Back in August I got my Daily Dose email from Sam Davidson. The email read as follows:

The Power of Support

Blame Hollywood for giving support so many accolades.

Surely the act of supporting someone or some idea is worthy of recognition. But perhaps support doesn’t need its own highlight. Perhaps the notion of support needs to be elevated to the point where it is on par with any other function. 

It’s like when we call someone a “student” leader (leadership is leadership) or when someone is named a “top female executive” (executives should be judged by talent, not segregated by gender).

Let’s get to a place where someone’s support role is held in as high esteem as the leader, the manager, the entrepreneur, or the artist. Work is work, help is help, and success is success.

A support system is something very special to all of us. With a network that can either be in a professional setting or a person setting these individuals can provide you with both practical and/or moral support when it is needed most.  Today, reflect. Who is in your support system? Do you have cross over in your professional and personal support network? Is there someone you want to be part of your support system, who already isn’t?