stranded at the drive-in


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Having a flight cancelled might be one of the biggest dampers on your day when traveling. Let’s face it, you have few options when your flight gets cancelled. To tackle a cancelled flight, keep in mind a few key items.

Disclaimer: depending upon where you are when you hear the glorious news that your flight has been cancelled, this list will be helpful for different situations.

Regardless of where you are, the first thing you NEED to do is contact your airline. Contacting your airline will ensure that you are put on the next possible flight. Sometimes, your flight will be cancelled when you are still at home (this is ideal). Call the agent immediately and reschedule for a convenient time. Most of the time, your flight is cancelled while you are in transit, whether it is in the air or on your way to the airport. Again contact an agent immediately.

Step 2: kill some time
More than likely your flight will not be rescheduled immediately. While your are in the airport, find the closest bookstore and restaurant that will serve you a Bloody Mary, Scotch on the rocks or beer. At this point, you need to engage in one of your vices.

Step 3: relax
Sure, this is easier said than done, but it can be done. Regardless if you are on the next flight or passing the next 10 hours in the airport, you WILL be on your way soon!

Keep in mind that when you are rescheduling flights and they can’t get you on your next flight, the airline usually sends some compensation your way. Always ask for compensation.

My wish for you is that you never have to experience a flight cancellation and if you do, that it is a painless cancellation process that you go through.

on spelling my name

k-e-n-d-a-l a-n-n

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One thing that pushes my buttons more than anything in the world is people who don’t spell my name correctly, even after I correct them. My name: Kendal Ann, is not hard, nor is it a peculiar name; in fact it’s not even crazy spelling. People who often spell my name wrong are those in close proximity of me, which makes no sense to me. If we’re constantly around each other shouldn’t you know how to spell my name?

It bugs me more than anything when people spell my name wrong, especially when my barista at Starbucks calls me a different name. My name: Kendal Ann, again is not a hard name to spell. My name is my email address, both for my personal account and my work account. If you are sending me an email shouldn’t you know how to spell my name? The correct answer is yes, but that is in a perfect world. My name is on my electronic signature, and I also sign my emails. With not one or two, but THREE opportunities to see and read my name, it floors me that people still spell my name wrong, and it is absolutely beyond me when people write Dear Kendra- that’s not even my name!

Back in college, I took two journalism classes for my major and I came out with one serious lesson: NEVER spell anyone’s name wrong. If we spelled someone’s name wrong, we would automatically get half the points deducted. The first day of class, our professor asked us: if you have ever had your name in the paper raise your hand (everyone in class raised their hand). He went on by saying: keep your hand up if your name was spelled wrong in the paper, everyone but two kids kept their hands up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How can you be so careless to spell someone’s name wrong, especially when this is your job?

Bottom line is: Take pride in your work if you are a journalist or otherwise. If you are sending me an email and my name is spelled wrong, or you can’t even get my name right, my level of respect for you has been cut in half. Take the extra three seconds to double check; it’s not hard and it will be worth it in the end– you won’t look like a fool.


it’s a powerful thing

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Here’s a little food for thought. Back in August I got my Daily Dose email from Sam Davidson. The email read as follows:

The Power of Support

Blame Hollywood for giving support so many accolades.

Surely the act of supporting someone or some idea is worthy of recognition. But perhaps support doesn’t need its own highlight. Perhaps the notion of support needs to be elevated to the point where it is on par with any other function. 

It’s like when we call someone a “student” leader (leadership is leadership) or when someone is named a “top female executive” (executives should be judged by talent, not segregated by gender).

Let’s get to a place where someone’s support role is held in as high esteem as the leader, the manager, the entrepreneur, or the artist. Work is work, help is help, and success is success.

A support system is something very special to all of us. With a network that can either be in a professional setting or a person setting these individuals can provide you with both practical and/or moral support when it is needed most.  Today, reflect. Who is in your support system? Do you have cross over in your professional and personal support network? Is there someone you want to be part of your support system, who already isn’t?


that perfect fit


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For those of you who know me, know I am rather strong in my faith and firm in my convictions. For those of you who don’t it’s something you now know, and something you will come to admire about me.  After officially moving to DC (for good) I have been testing out different Parishes. It’s really hard. Trying something should be fun and an enjoyable experience, but to me this is stressful and the opposite of fun.

Cat’s out of the bag, I’m Catholic. I like going to mass. I enjoy the camaraderie that mass and the church brings you. I went to Catholic school until I was in the 6th grade. IN 6th grade I began public schooling and I transitioned into going to CCD (Continuing Catholic Development) classes until Confirmation (in the 11th grade). It was really hard to make this transition, until I realized that now as a public school kid I don’t go to mass two times a week, and all of my Wednesday nights will be booked. It was an easy change to get use to, but looking for a church on your own is not.

Looking for a church is really hard. I have been to so many churches in my day that I want all of the aspects that I like to be bundled up together, and put in one. I understand that is a really far-fetched idea, and probably will never happen. I understand that everything won’t always turn out how we want it to.  I’ve realized I am asking too much, but now after making a list my expectations are not too high. I don’t want to feel like a tourist and not welcome when I go to mass to celebrate. I want to feel at home and at ease.

I made a list of things that are important to me when finding a church, and hopefully I will find the perfect fit soon. I have three to-go and I have a great feeling about this.

Things that matter to me:

1. the size of the church
2. the type of worship/mass and the service structure (I know this seems like a strange one because Catholics are Catholic— well sort of, but everyone chooses to worship differently. I was raised in a very traditional setting and most churches are going the modern route.)
3. Outreach to parishioners

Sure, it’s a hard quest especially when you are in it “alone”. But along the way I have learned, there is no perfect church. I usually need to visit a church a few times before making a solid decision. And above all, I cant give up. I know I have to keep searching until I find the right fit.  Sidebar, if there are any Catholics in the DC area reading this, I would love to hear where you attend mass.

take it or leave it

“We cannot change the hand we are dealt, just how we play the game.”- Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

that reassuring advice

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Sometimes you seek advice just to reassure yourself. Let’s admit it we are hard on ourselves and it is always easier to accept the truth from someone else. Getting that outsider perspective, that new angle is exactly what we are looking for. When we seek advice, I would argue that most of the time our mind is already made up. When seeking advice, we are trying to reassure ourselves. We are trying to make it right with our conscience.

I have three go-to people who I consider to be my guide. These individuals there there through thick and thin. They tell me how it is; no sugar coating. Without these enchanting individuals I would be a mess. Listen, I like making decisions on my own–as I am sure you do, but sometimes, we need to hear what we are afraid to hear. We need that other opinion regardless if it agree its ours or not.

When faced with a challenge, lately, I’ve been making the bold leap of faith to make my decisions based off of gut and not listen to my heart. Putting yourself into a situation where you don’t bring the element of emotion makes all the difference. Next time you’re faced with a decision, I challenge you to leave your heart out of the equation. Go with your gut. Know that this is best done by making the decision almost immediately when you are faced it. Good luck and may the force be with you.