it’s 2016

I know I am a little late on the game to posting this,12338980_1110795615627762_17844976_n but much like Ed Sheeran, I wanted to take a break from social for awhile so I could see things through my eyes. Sorry for the hiatus, but I will be more active in the future! And now to the part you’ve been waiting for…

I’m back and better than ever! I know every year I say, “this is us it this year is going to be MY year.” But you know what? I never really believed that and last year I never said it.

Last year had lows; there is no hiding that fact. With all of the pain, misery and time I spent wallowing, made up when I flipped the switch. I’m not the person who is going to sit in the corner and sulk. Sulking is one of the most unless actions and emotions you can possess as a human. Why waste your time and emotions on something that you have no control over just so others can pity you? Astonishing. It’s completely and utterly pathetic. Someone posted the perfect quote on Instagram and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself, because of the truth that is held with the statement, it’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad day.

Exactly! Let me repeat that; it’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad day! Ureka!

You’re allowed to have bad days, but you need to move past them. What is the point of feeling sorry for yourself? Everyone gets past that and that’s exactly what I had to do. I took my bad days and turned them around. It took time, but here I am — happier than a bird with a French fry!

I still can’t tell if not having expectations for 2015 helped me or hurt me. Of course it’s always better to be surprised than disappointed.  Let’s face it, we need to set the bar somewhere. 2015, was awesome.  I stood up in one of best friend’s weddings, I traveled a lot, I saw some utterly breathtaking sceneries, I did a lot for me and learned it’s okay to say “no” to plans. 2015 brought me new adventures, incredible opportunities and one of the best surprises. 2015 brought me love, astronomical amounts of love, laughter and pure happiness.

There will always be bad days, days when you are sad and feeling low, but that doesn’t mean it has to be like that. Take a moment, reevaluate and move on. If you don’t do something about it, good will never come. Good is what we are searching for. Good won’t just fall into your lap. Good is something you need to strive for. Good is minimum. I’m striving for excellent, fantastic and amazing–it’s what I deserve and it’s what I’ll get.

As I finish to write this, (in March and started in January) I can see that I am beyond lucky. I’m blessed. It’s so cliché to say now, but it’s true. Sometimes you need to go to the edge of the earth to get a new perspective and that’s what 2015 did to me. This year, three months in and nothing has been more awesome. 2016 is going to rule.


is spring time

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Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Go out an enjoy the weather, after all it is the first day of Spring. Happy Spring!

founder’s day

 here’s to 97 years

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97 years ago today, five incredibly determined and forward thinking young women founded an organization that continues to strive for the equality, innovation and empowerment of women! Today, I celebrate every sister past, present and future. Today, I thank you for your impact, contribution and dedication!

imageToday, Delta Phi Epsilon celebrate their Founders. I’m lucky enough to be one of those women paying homage to the founding ladies of DPhiE. Today, we hope that you take a moment to honor those sisters who have come before us and the future sisters who will be carrying on our traditions.

a happy heart

it’s all you can ask for

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This morning I woke up to an email from the one and only, Ann Marie (that’s my mom!). She wrote email that was simple, sweet and to the point. She sent it to Joel, Lauren and me (that’s my fam). The e-mail read: This really makes your heart happy! Enjoy your day everyone and know you are loved!

After reading this email I was very intrigued by what was in the link. Watch this video and you will understand. Life is filled with simple joys. They are joys that we cannot explain and that’s okay. You will encounter these simplicities and all you can do is smile, so smile. Stop what you are doing and just take it all in. We need a slow-down in our daily lives. We get so caught up in life, that we don’t see that the little things are what is most important. Like Ann Marie said, know you are loved and enjoy your day.