what a week

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I for one and pretty excited about this weekend. Today, I am off work and I get to enjoy some nice beverages with Matt on the roof deck oft one of my favorite establishments! Tonight there will be fireworks after the National’s game and Saturday I get to see a few of my sisters. Over all the weekend is going to be jam packed with a lot of fun.

Holy cats! This is awesome! An Iranian women becomes the first ever to win “noble prize” of mathematics | IFL Science

50 states and 50 places to see their natural wonders– I want to go to all of these places |CNN

Sure it’s DC Restaurant week but don’t forget about Alexandria! ARW runs 8/15-8/24

These on my list as soon as Autumn gets here. Matt, get excited for these Apple Pie Pancakes | Jessica in the Kitchen

Looking fabulous while working out, check! I love my new clothes from fabletics, check them out! | fabletics

Treat Receipt ends on Sunday get it while it lasts! | Starbucks

Ride a train, change the world, AWESOME article | urbanful

These headphones (Sports Wireless+) are incredible little things. A huge shout out again to Sam Davidson & Jarba

The Greenland Shark, does he have anything to with mythical creature in Loch Ness? | Animal Planet, Jeremy Wade


Have a great weekend y’all! If the rain is coming your way Sunday, like it is for DC I hope your Sunday is filled with a good book, cuddling and a warm cup of tea!

happy friday

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Friend, just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean you put in less effort. Make today ridiculously amazing because it’s Friday. I learned yesterday that during my work’s summer Friday program, I can wear jeans; here’s to Jeans Friday! Above all, we are finally on the eve’s eve of Shark Week. Here are a few links to check out during your afternoon lull.

Researchers Made A Shark-Stalking Robot, Business Insider

It’s almost back to school, and Fall is around the comer. Here are 10 Apps to help you get and stay organized, All Top Startups

If you are in Old Town and craving pizza, check out Red Rocks.

This Song, Chromeo

Are you thinking about reading Gone Girl? Check out this exclusive first read, NPR

Here are a few hairstyle lifehacks on those days you sleep in a little too long, Buzzfeed.

Restaurant week is coming up and you want the best deal, right?, DCLadies

Remember to kick back and relax a little bit this weekend. Shark Week premiers on Sunday, get ready for a week filled with my favorite animal!


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Thank God it’s Friday. This week was dragging at a snail’s pace, but don’t let that get you down. This weekend is going to be filled with The Killing and a good book–if you have any recommendations, send them my way. Without further adieu, these links will get you through your Friday.

Three Ways to Protect Your Time, Sam Davidson

Broiling Grapefruit, Simply Recipes — So, I finally made one last night OMG YUM! Don’t worry a blog post will be up this weekend about the experience!

This unusual note from a Grandmother to a State Trooper, msn news

Unlimited mimosa brunch with LIVE jazz music, Capitol Deal

If you want to chase your dreams, make sure your eyes are open! Jon Ancuff

Whatever your weekend is filled with, I hope it’s magical! Remember to set aside sometime to relax so you can regenerate for the week ahead!


it’s finally friday!

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Thank God it’s Friday. This week was incredibly long, but now it’s almost time for the weekend. Hopefully a few of these blog posts/articles I share with you toady will get you to 5PM. This weekend,will be filled with friends, a baked & wired cupcake, Nationals v Brewers game and a lot of drinks followed by laughter.

Thanks to Girls on a Whim for this awesome idea to feature a few killer links every Friday. I love that idea!

Healthy Happy Hour? Why not, check out a few ideas before hitting the bar with friends. (The DC Ladies)

This little bundle of joy (National Geographic)

A shameless promo of DC Area Delta Phi Epsilon Alumnae Association, here’s the new website and Facebook page (DC DPhiE)

Miss Idaho for rocking it and not being ashamed (NRP)

Healthy Nachos, don’t mind if i do!  (Pinch of Yum)

Nothing is better than strawberry lemonade…bars! (Dinner Dishes & Desserts)

A lovely  summer libation that you must drink this weekend (Margaret Elizabeth)

And to get those pesky fruit flies to go away! #sorryimnotsorry for likening fruit! (Buzzfeed)


Enjoy a little fun in the sun this weekend!

the day we’ve all been waiting for


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It’s Friday! Congratulations, you made it. The work day is almost over. Find that extra bit of momentum you need to get you through the work day, because when you do you will be cheering just like Tina once the clock strikes 5.


hello, friday!

cue the music!

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For some reason this Friday seems so much more glorious than most. For me, it was a short week, but there was still a sigh of relief when Friday finally rolled around. My goal for today, is to get you through the day! Make it to the weekend– you’re only a few hours away.

So, in honor of this #FunFriday let’s listen to some of tunes that come to mind when we think of this special day of the week. In no particular order, check out the songs below– you can thank me later.

If there is a song I missed, let me know and I would be more than happy to add it!



post vacation blues

& getting back to reality

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Getting back to reality isn’t exactly my problem, work is. After taking a long vacation, especially and international trip. It is always hard to get back into the swing of things. Personally, I find it even harder to get back into your work-life groove. While you were gone so much has changed, people got hair cuts (haha), you missed countless staff meetings, dodged those crazy phone calls, and even have a stack of emails that you are still trying to catch up on after a week of being back. All you can ask yourself is: will it ever be the same?

Here are a few tips and trips to tackle your post vacation blues and get back in the game when it comes to work.


Once you get back you will need a lot of sleep. When traveling and on a vacation, you hardly sleep. In my case I was international, so I am dealing with timezone changes.


Which brings me to relaxing! When you are on vacation, you put so much effort into catching up with friends, checking out all the hot spots, and going above and beyond what you would normally do. You want to make this a trip of a life time, so relaxing is not on the docket. Now that you are home, you have to go to work, and reality sets in. Make sure you add in some relaxation time the first few days after being back from a long trip.


It’s hard to see 415 emails piled up, 9 missed phone called and a million papers on your desk. You need to make a to-do list. Figure out what needs to be accomplished first and what can hold off.

Take Notes

At staff meetings, take notes. During regular meetings take notes. Maybe it’s not your thing to take notes during meetings, because it’s not mine; however, I make sure to take as many notes as possible post vacation. My mind is running around trying to figure out a thousand different things, that these notes during any meeting are critical to my success.

Talk to People

This is a big one: talk to people. I’ve been engage in conversations I normally wouldn’t be. I want the dirt! I want to know what was happening while I was gone and how I can help with others. I want to see how other people can help me and who is also working on my projects. Make sure to talk with everyone to see what they have been doing and they will be of any help on your upcoming projects that are due.


I hope these tips and tricks help you once you come back from a vacation. They are really helping me to get through this week. And think…I am almost caught up and it’s almost Friday! #TGIF!