good people

performing random acts of kindness

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There are “good people” left in the world. That’s such a blanket statement, but let me tell you about these so called good people.

I come back from a meeting and I have an emailing waiting for me in my inbox from a good friend of mine. Let’s call her Madison. The email is titled, “So this was my morning…..” Needless to say with a subject like that, I opened the email immediately. Much to my surprise, the email was talking about Madison’s woes of a Thursday morning. All said and done, she was locked out of her apartment with her dog. Madison had 6% battery left and wasn’t wearing shoes. She managed to call a locksmith and her boss before her phone died, putting her off to a pretty good start this morning. Finally, 30 minutes later, the locksmith came and rather than unlocking her car, he noticed a shivering dog with a frozen girl not wearing shoes in 30 degree weather. Without any questions, he opened the backdoor of the house.

This is the part where the nice people come in.

Madison tried to pay the locksmith, but he refused to accept payment. Rather than her paying, he wrote down that he performed an auto unlock, which was covered by her insurance. His fatherly ways took over as he yelled at Madison to get inside before she caught a cold.

Sure, the story was hilarious to read, but that’s not the point. The point is there are always people out there who do things for the greater good. When you need a little pick me up the most, there they are—waiting for you. I hope you take this story and realize that you’re one of those good people left in the world, too. Today, I challenge you to perform a random act of kindness.