a short story


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All the kids turned and pointed at poor Finley. Finley was always friendly and free-hearted. It was just a mistake. “Why were they laughing,” he would ask himself. Finley always knew he was different, but never truly understood why until he clumsily fumbled onto the metro platform, with much embarrassment. Finley picked up his bag and carried on his merry way, but this time he clutchimagesed onto his tail ensuring it was close to his body. Above all he never wanted to be dragon-ing his heart around. He never meant to hit anyone with his cumbersome tail.

Waiting for the train to arrive Finley daydreamed, much liked he did when he was growing up.  Finley always knew he was different, but he didn’t understand why people pointed and poked fun at him and his heart-tipped tail. As daydreaming was Finley’s escape from his heart-tipped tail, he fell into a dazzling daydream.

The daydream emerged and Finley dreamt of his differences being something that brought people together, rather than bring them apart–like they did in real life. Finley dreamed of his heart-tipped trail being magic! Sure, he was different but different doesn’t have to be bad. Much like Cupid who helps people fall in love, in this dream, Finley did, too! His tail was the culprit of making people fall in love. With one wack of his monstrous tail, strangers became friends, and friends became lovers. It didn’t matter who Finley tapped with this tail, everyone would fall in love. Finley dreamed of much love being in the world.

As a train conductor zoomed by with the air horn blasting, Finley popped out of his dream, but little did he know his dream was becoming a reality. Finley searched around to find when the next train would be coming to the National Airport Metro Platform, but all he could see were smiles and beaming hearts. It seems that dreams do come true.

Thanks to Finley, believing in his differences and his heart-tipped tail there is a clumsy cupid out there on the loose and who knows when he will strike again.