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Pesky emails are the worst. I am always saying that I need to clean up my inbox. I need to go through my unwanted subscriptions and take the time to unsubscribe, but frankly it takes too long. Finally, I found a website that helps you declutter your inbox. YAY for a respectable number of unread e-mails! Check out unroll.me it will change your life.

when I’ve made it

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I was going through some emails today and I found that was titled, “This is When I Know You Made it”. After reading that subject line, I was so intrigued. I had to open it. Upon opening the email, it was a short sentence that said: look at this article— I am sure you will do the same thing, and this is when I will know you made it.

Honestly, this couldn’t be more true. With my love for sharks, this would be the coolest thing to have. Could you even imagine having a little aquarium in your house? I cannot wait for the day when I made it, so I can have sharks swimming around! (In all seriousness though, I don’t want a shark tank, I would just rather go on scuba excursions and drive with them in their natural habitat. It’s still pretty awesome though!)