i’m back!

you heard that right

you can find me at: @K_AnnM | Insta | LinkedIn

Ah, it feels good to be back! I am back and better than ever — I even have my own domain name. Friends, kendalann.com is the new an improved omg it’s kendal ann. Don’t fret because nothing has changed other than the new level of awesomeness. Just think of it as an upgrade from omg it’s kendal ann to omg it’s kendalann 2.0.

Here’s the background of what’s going on. Last year, I set out to create a blog and to write. I wanted to write about anything and as you know, my topics were broad and covered things from travel to work life situations. My journey began August 20, 2013 and my goal was to post 365 blogs in 365 days; a lofty goal for anyone. If my reached my goal, which I did, I was able to justify buying my domain name.

Now that omg it’s kendal ann is back, I want to hear from you. What do you want me to write? Do you want a feature? Are you interested in guest blogging? I am willing to take on any task, because after all, I thrive on change and facing new challenges.