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The DC area has a lot to offer. This area literally has a little bit of something for everyone. What are you in search of because I am sure I can help you find it, if not point you in the right direction. Hitting the bars with friends is awesome. I am always game for throwing back a few and conversation, but sometimes you don’t want to talk so you hit the bars with mad dancing. When dancing isn’t something everyone wants to do there are still options. Alternatives are board games, bar games, cigars and so on. In the DC area you can’t find anything you are looking for…you just have to look hard enough. Here is my guide for the best bars in the area with board games. Make sure to hit up these places when you are looking for something a little out of your regular routine and if worse comes to worst remember to bring a deck of cards with you.

The Pug

Thomas Foolery

The Board Room

Handsome Cock



a holiday with friends

Not only do I love Fourth of July but I love having visitors. I am so excited about this weekend because both of those things will be mixed together. Two years ago I was introduced to Emily, who was interning in DC, and we hit it off. Ever since that summer our friendship has thrived. Emily has spend a 4th in DC before but now she is bringing her boyfriend Rob along for a wild ride. Read below to hear Emily’s thoughts and expectations for this holiday weekend.

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a DC Fourth of July

guest blog presented by: Emily Gydesen
You can find Emily on LinkedIn & check out her blog she had running while she was in DC.

As an avid follower of “omg it’s kendalann”, I was very excited when Kendal asked me to write a post about my upcoming weekend in DC. Two summers ago, I had the incredible opportunity to spend two months living and working in our nation’s capital. I met so many great people in DC that summer and I am fortunate that my friendship with Kendal has continued despite our geographical separation (I currently live about 6 hours northeast of DC, in Albany, NY).   Fireworks

This will be my second time getting back to DC since my summer there. While it is going to be a very quick trip, I am so looking forward to everything we have planned! To kick off our celebrations for the day, a group of us are going to watch the Washington Nationals take on the Chicago Cubs! I can’t think of many things more American than going to a baseball game on the 4th of July. To continue the celebrations after the game, I am hopeful we can find some frozen red, white and blue margaritas to cool down a little. If there is one thing I remember from my summer in DC, it is how hot and humid it can get in the city!

Hopefully, if all goes as planned, the only thing we’ll have to worry about during the day is where we want to watch the fireworks from in the evening. Even though the fireworks won’t start until dark, it is very important to claim a spot early because of the large crowds of people around for the day’s festivities. Two years ago, I watched the fireworks from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I’m excited to see where we watch them from this year!

The only other thing I really want to do while in DC is go out for brunch on Saturday morning! Until I lived in DC, I had no idea how much fun brunch can be. Many restaurants in the capital offer specials for their weekend brunches. I would recommend checking out reviews and trying a number of different places before settling on a favorite spot. This weekend, we are going to try a new place for brunch, a local restaurant called Medium Rare. I’m excited!

I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July!! Thanks for reading 🙂

location, location, location

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Folks, I am talking about the 4th of July in our Nation’s Capital. No, it’s not “too far” away to start planning the best holiday known to mankind. Fourth of July in Washington, DC is something special. DC is crawling with tourists who infested the city like a bad flu, but even with them around nothing can stop me from enjoying the birthday of my nation.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty. Where are you watching your fireworks? After a long discussion with my friends we finally found the perfect place! No, I am not telling you where we are going, but I will tell you a few gems for suggestions. Spectacular views of the fireworks can be seen from the following:

I hope you use one of these locations for fireworks or find an even better hidden gem!


booze to your door?

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Sit down wherever you are and read the following information. Folks, what you are about to hear is literally going to change your life. Let me introduce you to Ultra. Ultra is a new delivery service in the DMV area, but there’s an awesome twist. Ultra guarantees booze delivery within 30-60 minutes, with a flat fee of $5 and no maximum order. If you life in DC you are in luck (don’t worry Virginia, Ultra is looking to expand) because right now the service is available in most parts of Northwest DC, Capitol Hill and H Street NE.

Though alcohol delivery in general is not a new phenomenon in the District because several liquor stores have offered an in-house delivery service for years. However, Ultra functions as a technology provider and marketing tool for local alcohol purveyors, with a website where orders can be placed. The plus side to Ultra is they will be launching a mobile application soon, too!

Keep in mind that, DC delivery is available starting Thursday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The service is not available on Sundays.

If you happen to be out of the DC area, check out Ultra’s delivery coverage.

Jersey City
Washington DC
Boston (Coming Soon)
Los Angeles (Coming Soon)

playing dress up

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It’s that time again. Matt and I always seem to have visitors and house guests. Since April, our house has been a turn style of people. This week, we are back in the saddle once again and we find ourselves playing dress up. I like playing dress up especially when it’s to be a tour guide.  When most people visit DC their time is often spent on the National Mall, but there’s much more to the city than that. As a resident of the area,  I can tell you there are lots of other interesting places to explore than the Mall. So here are some suggestions of interesting places besides the National Mall to take your out-of-town visitors.

1. Waterfront- If you are heading down to Nationals Park or going to Bluejacket, the Waterfront is an awesome area to take your guests. While you are down there you might as well take them to the Titanic Memorial.

2. Roosevelt Island– This is a hidden gem in the city. Often, I don’t take people here, but when I do they are always thankful.

3. The Roofdeck of the Kennedy Center– This one is prime. Now that the Old Post Office Pavilion is closed and the Washington Monument isn’t open (yet) this is one of the best view’s in the city next to the P.O.V Lounge.

4. A Capitol tour– Sure, I am a nerd and yes, this is my favorite place but I think everyone needs to go here at least once.

5. Old Town Alexandria– Woah, calm down  I know this isn’t “in the District” but it’s a great place and really screams East Coast mixed with Southern hospitality. King Street is a major road in Alexandria and it will lead you to explore the historic Old Town Alexandria. 

6. Eastern Market– It doesn’t matter if you like art, food, or music there is something for everyone at Eastern Market.

Go out and explore. Next time you have guests in town, I hope you take them “off the beaten path” and do some local things rather than making their stay totally tourist.

where everybody knows your name

Sometimes you just need to see a friendly face. Being a regular is an art and something to aim for. Sure, you may have gone into becoming a regular in order to snag a discount here and there, but you’ll come out with much more than that. You’ll have a seat reserved for you every week at the same time, have a butcher who cuts the chops thicker than they normally would, a wine seller eager to tell you what they just got in stock, or have a place of refuge where your drink is waiting and you can relax when you’ve had a hard day—where everybody knows your name. My friends, without further adieu…Patrick Kotary.

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on being a regular

guest blog presented by: Patrick Kotary
You can find Pat on Twitter: @Kotary; insta: patrickkotary, make sure you follow him!

The TV show Cheers has, in my opinion, one of the best storylines of any sitcom ever on TV. A bunch of people, some working at, some going to, this bar. They share their lives with each other and always have one another’s back. As soon as an episode starts you feel like a regular heading to that same old spot on Beacon Hill. It also has a great opening theme song that is basically the theme song for all the “regulars” at any biz, USA. The kind of place where you can walk in and say, “Hey Joe!” or “Sal! What’s up?” or “You know what I’m having, Mike. Make it a double!” – “Isn’t it always?!” he replies with a chuckle.

Becoming and eventually being a regular somewhere is one of my favorite things. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a creature of habit or I like feeling special (who doesn’t?). It’s not an easy task though by any means. You can’t just walk in and get preferential treatment. If you think about it, it’s a lot like falling in love. At first you might not be sold on the person – say they voted for Obama in both elections- it’s a potential deal breaker but you think hey why not at least try to keep this going (okay, both elections is extreme, let’s say just ’08). Then they begin to grow on you – you connect and find a mole hill of common ground that has the power to grow into a mountain – you find out they dislike Maryland and love Virginia as much as you do. Then one day you realize you’re in love and couldn’t imagine leaving – you both watch the sun go down drinking UNsweetened tea on the Veranda.

Take my dry cleaner for example. I went on a “first date” there primarily because the other place I tried was broken down – I wasn’t sold right away because pants cost $2 more than shirts, but the lady was nice and gave me a quick turnaround. Then after a couple visits she says I don’t have to go by the in by 9 out by 5 rule and she knows I like medium starch without my saying so. Finally the unabashed love – I go there almost every week now, we chat about our weekend plans and the weather, and we exchanged Christmas cards. Now I can’t imagine going to a different cleaners!

You have to keep in mind though that also like love, this is a two way street. You have to show that drive to becoming a regular as much as they want you or more. Be friendly, ask how they’re doing, and give them a nice tip once in a while.

Where do you consider yourself a regular? Particular Starbucks? Bar in AdMo that has that certain level of dive bar you’ve been searching for your whole life. Wherever it may be for you, embrace it! And if you don’t have this kind of place, find one. You’ll probably get better service and will definitely walk out with a smile. Who doesn’t want to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came?

grilled cheese

happy national grilled cheese day!

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Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich? This awesome sandwich takes you back t your childhood and (hopefully) gives you great memories!  it’s true, we all love grilled cheese and did you know that  today, April 11th, is dedicated to America’s favorite cheesy, gooey, and buttery sandwich? This is the perfect excuse to indulge in one — or two!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????If you live in DC, get ready for the best news… GCDC is finally open and just in time for National Grilled Cheese Day! In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, GCDC will be doling out $5 specialty grilled cheeses and half-priced draft beer from 11am-3pm on Saturday.  I can’t wait to try this place out, plus winning is always an option at GCDC! Grab some chalk and jot down your grilled cheese recipe on a big board by the bar. Your fellow diners will vote throughout the week before a winner’s announced every Friday. Not only does the sandwich show up on the menu, winning you a week of notoriety, but you also get $100 to donate to your charity of choice.

Naturally, the best way to celebrate Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day is to make and eat a grilled cheese sandwich. All you need is bread, cheese and butter, although you can experiment by adding more ingredients of your choice. You butter the outside of each piece of bread, and grill the sandwich while the cheese melts on top. Yummers! Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, it’s practically your duty to indulge with one.

april 14-20

theater week

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Apparently it’s a huge deal: Theater Week. April 14-20 will now be known as Theater Week.

Too expensive? Try a discount or a Pay-What-You-Can performance.
Too far away? There’s likely a theatre closer than you think.
Too unknown? It won’t be after you go.

Check this link for discounts during Theater Week.

playing tour guide

Like you’ve always learned in school, you learn something better when you teach it yourself. Personally, I think that is true for anything. Last week, we had two house guests. I proposed the idea to Matt that he play tour guide to get a better feel of the city. Since Matt has been visiting and moved to DC his grasp on the city is great, but you always learn better when you teach someone else.

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#MinnesotansTakeOnDC follow up

guest blog presented by: Matthew D. Shalbrack
You can find Matt on Twitter: @hamsterjockey; insta: hamsterjockey, make sure you follow him!


Last week, two friends came to visit me in DC from the great state of Minnesota. Each of them had previously been to DC, but not for a few years. There was obviously much to see to refresh their memories in terms of sightseeing and much for us to catch up on as well.

In my guest blog post last week, I talked about how it was going to be fun for me to play tour guide instead of tourist. As I said, I was a little nervous and leery about it, but once my friends got here and we started walking around, I really hit my stride as tour guide and got into the groove of things. During the time that they were here (a week), we visited the United States Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, saw the Cherry Blossoms, took them to various local spots around DC, woke up early to watch the sun rise with Abe and even made dinner with them one night as well. We walked A LOT. Anywhere from 7-10 miles a day, but that’s one thing that I like about DC.

They fit a lot of sightseeing into only a week in DC. They did even more without me there, but in the end, I really feel like they got a great taste of DC from my point of view. I got to show them the places that I really enjoy and make a habit of going to around town. Another great thing about them visiting was that it let me still be a tourist in terms of trying new places, such as Bull Feathers. This city is bigger than any other city that I’ve lived in before, so I am always hearing about and trying new places.

Overall, I loved playing tour guide and I’m really excited to do it again. Who wants to visit next? Any takers? When you have someone come visit, what are some of the hot spots that you make sure to take them?

toned up tuesdays


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CityCenterDC is like my new favorite area even though it’s still under construction. The CityCenter encompass five city blocks and is bound together by New York Ave NW, 9th Street NW, H Street NW and 11th Street NW.

As of 2011, the development is one of the largest downtown projects in the United States,and the largest urban development on the East Coast of the United States.It has been described as “a modern-day Rockefeller Center” and will reshape downtown D.C. Local officials consider CityCenterDC  critical to the city’s economic and residential development.

CityCenter is bringing Toned Up Tuesdays to the area. It’s a program sponsored by CenterCityDC. VIDA Fitness instructors will teach a new exercise class each and every Tuesday for the entire month of April. The classes are free to the public to promote a healthy lifestyle and will be held at the newly opened Park at CenterCity (corner of 10th & I street NW) starting at 6pm.

Here’s a list of the classes

April 1 – Conditioning (45 minutes): Fast-paced class with a variety of cardio combinations, calisthenics, and plyometrics. Conditioning utilizes interval training to combine a series of high intensity spurts to increase power with lower intensity active exercises to continue burning calories and improve cardiovascular endurance. This class is an excellent training tool for athletes, runners, or anyone looking to obtain a high level of personal fitness.

April 8 – Power Yoga (45 minutes): Designed to build strength while increasing balance, flexibility, and endurance. Expands on the sequences of Vinyasa to incorporate more challenging arm balances, inversions, and twists in conjunction with deep breath to detoxify the body.

April 15 – Boot Camp (45 minutes): VIDA Boot Camp is an intense calorie burning program providing fun, creative, and challenging moves that keeps participants focused, empowered, and constantly moving towards their fitness goals. Workouts include a wide variety of constantly changing circuits including drills, games, obstacles, plyometrics, relays, weighted supersets, and partner training.

April 22 – VIDA M.I.T. (45 minutes): Discover your inner athlete with this fusion of cardio, strength, balance & flexibility. VIDA M.I.T. increases strength and heart/lung function, improves posture and increases flexibility. Varied intensity levels allow beginners to successfully work alongside high-level athletes.

April 29 – Zumba (1 hour): Combines Latin dance moves with interval and resistance training for a full-body, rhythmic workout. You’ll move through salsa, mambo, cha-cha, cumbia, merengue, hip-hop, and belly dancing on your way to one of the most satisfying cardio workouts you’ve had in years.

For more information on Toned Up Tuesdays please visit: www.citycenterdc.com