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Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty’s really no picnic either, it’s easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl’s self-confidence.

Always kicked off an epic  campaign to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond, and making a start by showing them that doing it #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing.

Yesterday, when I was on instagram, someone posted this photo (you see in my post) and the caption was, “in highschool when I played soccer i was quick – for a girl. I got asked to be on the track team ( I denied it, now I wish I did) shortly after is when I quit soccer…”, 8dac6ab3322f816109bcac72b7b56fd7this really irritated me. After seeing Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign I take offense to the statement “like a girl”. When is it ever said in a positive manner? Can you tell me the last time you heard someone utter those words in a positive light? If you can, I would love to hear about it.

Check out the #LikeAGirl campaign video below and give me your thoughts. Let’s turn this statement around! Snaps to Always for claiming it wants to improve young girls’ self-esteem.


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Apparently, there is a National Compliment Day and I missed it.compliments National Compliment Day is January 24, if you were wondering. Though this post isn’t directly about National Compliment Day, it is about compliments, both getting and receiving them.

The Reno-Tahoe International Airport set up a Free Compliments booth to hand out kind words to passengers on January 24. Passengers received compliments on their glasses, colorful scarves and even their boots. I read about one gentleman in particular who was about to pass right by the booth without stopping was told “Sir, what a confident gait you have.”

It just goes to show, even when you are in a hurry, there is always time for a compliment. Today, give out a compliment or two. It will make someone’s day, which is never a bad thing.