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If you read one thing today, I hope it is this. I hope the following picture really hits you hard. I hope this photo grabs you at the shoulder and shakes you. I hope this is your wake up call.


We are given the opportunity at one life, make it magical. Remember, life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


paying a little respect

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In the summer of 2010, I made my way to DC for the first time. I landed an internship through an internship program. As a joke, the internship program was always referred to as “The Program”, which is how people still refer to it. I’ve realized that through it all, I don’t know if I would be in DC now without participating in this internship opportunity in 2010. So here’s a little shout out to The Program and everyone who made it possible. One year later in 2011, I wrote an email to the CEO. This is what I had to say, and I couldn’t have said it better myself a second time around.

It’s been one week, six days, 9 hours and some odd minutes since I finally had the opportunity to meet you and hear your story in DC on June 8th. As I sit in front of my computer, I realize a lot has changed. I cannot seem to articulate my thoughts into the right words to express my sincere thanks, but nevertheless, I will try. The cursor is continually blinking in a rapid motion to my John Butler Trio Pandora station while the thoughts in my mind are bouncing off the walls, much like an intense game of squash. These thoughts of my dreams, the future, goals and the past are rampant.

It is most cliché to say: thank you, but there are no other words I can say to truly express my appreciation and gratitude. Eric, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to participate in The Program in D.C. This program sincerely changed me as a person. Daily, I was being asked to step out of my comfort zone and to push past my boundaries.

Generally, I would have hesitated, but since last summer, I no longer say no. I take each opportunity that presents itself, because who knows what will come of it; love it or hate it the chance was taken. Think. The worst thing that will happen is I hate whatever I did and I know not to do it again, but the best thing is you will have one hell of a story and experience afterwards.

Meeting you nearly 8 months after I completed the program put even more perspective into my life as a dreamer. I genuinely, know nothing is impossible and no dream is ever too big. Last year, I heard parts of your story, but it never impacted me as much as it did on the 8th.

Enrolling into The Program was one of the biggest chances and leaps of faith that I took. It was incredible. I never wanted last summer to end. The Program gave me both confidence and reassurance. The Program made me realize it was okay to let the huge walls I erected come down. I know there are times I find myself frightened enough to rebuild these walls, though the kindness and gentleness you’ve shown though last summer and your dreams have helped me to resist the urge to wall myself off from humanity. When I left in August, I was terrified and sad because I thought the reinvention of myself might slide back into my old self, but fear, not it only became more noticeable. My friends, parents and even professors commented on the way I was carrying myself, talking and articulating my choices.

I believe many people come into our lives for a reason.  We start certain things for a reason. Those reasons are not apparent when we start or when we meet that person, but there are often other reasons that become apparent at a later time. Each day I am learning this to be true.

Coming back to DC this summer I had high expectations. I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish – a Summer Bucket List- if you will, and each week at least one thing has been checked off. Without last summer, I would not be the reinvented person that I am today.

acoustic v instruments

an open letter

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*disclaimer- this is an open letter and a rant, so get out while you cant before you are in too deep.

To Whom it May Concern:

How can you possibly think that his music is better acoustic? I’m sorry is the Pope Catholic? Are you listening with your ears? Let’s take a step back to the 1st grade and put on our listening ears.

Are you actually listening to the words of the music, to the sick beats in the background? Let me ask you this—why are you listening to him? Does he put you in a good mood, lift your spirits, bring you down? Is he making you dance?

This man is amazing. Behind his lyrics are his beats, maybe he personally doesn’t mix them all on his own, but the beats make the tunes. The beats make your soul move. Jamming to him is one of my favorite things to do, and you’re killing it for me. I don’t even think you’re listening to his music or me.

If we’re going to be friends this needs to be a give-a-little-take-a-little relationship. But this is just one thing I absolute without a doubt cannot budge on.

With All My Love
Yours truly,

Kendal Ann

Guys, I need your help. I need some reassurance. This man is the most miraculous gift, puny, awesome, dangerously good-looking, and wicked down to earth. Let me introduce you to my friend, Hoodie Allen. Hoodie has been making his dreams a reality for years now. He is one of the most respectable and admirable people.

I need your opinion. Maybe it will kill me to hear that you actually like all of his acoustic better than his regular beats, and that’s fine. Honestly, like what you like. I just want to get his name out there even more than it is now.

Take a listen and tell me which you prefer.

Original Version

Acoustic Version

*disclaimer– please read the follow from Hoodie. This is why I respect him so much. He stepped out of his comfort zone and wanted to go where no rapper has gone before. I appreciate that.