the giving generation

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After reading this article, I was blown away. This article is the perfect way to describe the Millennial generation. Sure, I have a biased opinion because I am a Millennial but this article focuses less on the “me, me, me” aspect of my generation and it hones in on the compassion.

Maybe a few of these teasers will entice you enough to read the article:

  • Only 7% of people believe Millennials are more generous than previous generations
  • 56% of Millennials have given a charitable gift, a new survey shows
  • Organizations need to learn to work with this generation to figure out how Millennials can get involved on small levels
  • Millennials are attracted to the causes, but organizations struggle with connecting with them on recommitting to the cause

Honestly, take a look at the article especially if you represent this awesome generation. USA Today does an awesome job reporting on the topic of giving in the Millennial generation. Take a read, Millennials: The Giving Generation?