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I am a big fan of Coca-Cola products and I always have been. Coke just makes me like them more with everything that they do. Have you heard of the Hello Happiness campaign they launched in the UAE?

Basically Coke wanted give laborers in the UAE a few extra minutes of happiness, so they created the Hello Happiness Phone Booth — a special phone booth that accepts Coca-Cola bottle caps instead of coins for a free 3-minute international phone call. The campaign started after the learned the workers in the UAE make about six dollars per day. Also the cost of a phone call is nearly a dollar per minute which makes phone calls are rare. What an awesome opportunity that allows them to connect with their families back home more often.

What’s there not to love about this campaign? Take a look at the video below and let me know your thoughts.


challenging “standards”

who sets those anyway?

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I know this article is a little old and I’ve been meaning to write a really thought provoking blog about this article, or at least highlighting it but since January nothing has come to me. Thanks to Delta Phi Epsilon, one of their philanthropies is ANAD, and since college the topic of body image has always been on the forefront. I wanted to get the word out about this awesome new campaign and rather than writing something you don’t want to read, let me just give you the facts, how’s that?

Body image is huge for both men and women. When you see a photo in a magazine or on a billboard it’s more than likely “touched up”. Airbrushing is something that is detrimental to our society. We need to stop comparing ourselves. We need to put them emphasis on health rather than skinny or fat.

Back in January, aerie announced that the ads are “challenging supermaerie 1odel standards by featuring unretouched models in their latest collection of bras, undies and apparel.” Sure, one campaign isn’t solve the complicated of an individual’s self-esteems and images of women in media, but we have to start somewhere. The fact that one brand, aerie, is now showing off their cute bras and undies on bodies with real rolls, lines and curves, is certainly going to help.

american eagle unretouched

So, what do you think about the ad?

Always, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you, my dear, are beautiful. The real you is sexy, don’t think otherwise.

label against women

the campaign goes viral

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I want this to be less about writing, and more about the message. Honestly, skip right to the video. A little background on the advertisement, Pantene came up with an innovative and interesting ad that talks about labels and stereotypes. The ad is catchy and powerful. The new Pantene commercial, “Label Against Women”,  has gone viral on social networking sites.

“This is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen illustrating how when women and men do the same things, they are seen in completely different ways. Really worth watching. Lean In prize of the day for sure,” said Sandberg adding, “Congratulations to Marc Pritchard and the Pantene team and Andrew Robertson and the BBDO team.”


What do you think of the advertisement?