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Yes, we’ve all done it. Friends, let’s not make it a habit and there’s one sure way of stopping it. Folks, I am talking about being on your phone while you are at the bar among friends. Thanks to theadvertising agency Fischer&Friends, we now have the Offline Glass. This glass that only stands supported by the mobile phone rescues people from the online world and brings them back to the bar chat. What an awesome and innovative idea. Check out this vimeo to see how it works.

badgers don’t back down

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I am a badger through and through. Maybe I didn’t attend UW-Wisconsin, Madison, but that’s only half of it.

It doesn’t matter what game is on, I will be cheering for the Badgers. I know it’s not a Wisconsin thing because my friends don’t have this passion that I do for the badgers.

This weekend I was invited to watch college football with a few friends. Great, of course I am in, after all my Badgers are playing. After realizing what I got myself into there was no going back. The Badgers were playing Purdue, and the friends who invited me to watch the game with them are Purdue alumni. With a no backing down attitude, I was going to watch this game with a ranch of friends, who happen to be cheering for the other team.

Walking into a Purdue bar while I was decked out head to toe in badger gear was a little awkward. Everyone assured me that this was the best place to be wearing “the other teams” colors because we’re all Midwestern and of course boilermakers are the nicest fans. As I stumbled into the bar, I knew all of the reassurance they were giving me must have been true.

Watching a game at another team’s bar is something I would prefer to not experience again. Granted this was the best place to do so. Through all of my cheering, no one once booed me. I did have to defend my boys a few times, but that’s it. This experience probably all worked out to my benefit considering the Badgers won this game.

We don’t back down.