a pumpkin chai latte

a little taste of heaven

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Everyone, including myself, loves a pumpkin spiced latte (#PSL10). Who doesn’t love them? They are a delicious treat and perfect for autumn. This little taste of db8acaf139a8a961c30e1d2377261a0fheaven warms your heart, hands, and dare I say it–your soul. I get it sometimes you don’t want the coffee taste, the espresso flavor or just down right the caffeine (and honestly, who wants to go decaf?)

Attention, tea drinkers across the nation, rejoice! You can now get your pumpkin fix and jump aboard the pumpkin spice latte train. A drink with a beautiful Pumpkin Spice Base  will be exactly what you are searching for this autumn season.

Personally the best part about this little treat is you can make it at home, or you can find one at your local coffee shop. It may not be on the menu–but order it! I promise they will not laugh at you!

Opposed from making it at home, I will head down to Ebenezers for a Pumpkin Spiced Chai Latte and it is the most glorious thing known to touch my lips. I do not know what they put in this little cup, but it is pure joy. Honest, it is a little taste of heaven and totally perfect. If I could live at Ebenezers and drink this all day year long, you better believe I would.  Maybe I am the biggest advocate for Ebenezers, which I am okay with, but let me tell you, if you are living in the city and have yet to try this bundle of joy, I advise you to. You will not be disappointed. You can find Ebenezers Coffehouse at 201 F St NE. Come on by, I am sure I will see you there.

Whenever the craving strikes pick up that sweet pumpkiny cup of chai.

with autumn comes caramel apples

So this past week Matt has been sick, boo, what a bummer! Anyway, I kept asking him how he felt, if he was feeling better and so on. Finally one day he responds, yes I am eating my comfort food. Much to my surprise, I didn’t know men had comfort foods, or that they change with the season. I prodded this response. I told him my favorite comfort food was mashed potatoes (I think he thinks I’m a weird-o, oh well). He responded telling me his was caramel apples. Um excuse me? Yes, folks you read that right: caramel apples. Don’t you think that would hurt your throat eating a caramel apple when you are sick? This boy is beyond me, but folks he’s my boy so I will just let him have this one. Now after reading his guest blog about caramel apples, I kind of understand how it could be one’s comfort food, alas it will never be mine.
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and comfort foods

guest blog presented by: Matthew D. Shalbrack
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Everyone has their favorite food, their favorite snacks to munch on and their favorite beverage to have in-hand, but for me, I have a favorite comfort food that only comes out around Autumn, and that’s caramel apples.

Why you may ask? Because why not, I mean look at them, it’s an apple – healthy and delicious, but they’re also doused in gooey caramel and sometimes covered with nuts, sprinkles and other things. I mean, doesn’t that sound like a wonderful plethora of tastes for your taste buds and your tummy to take in? I think it does.

Each Autumn, I try to take in at least six of these delicious treats in order to hold me over until next year. Icaramel-apples spread them out between the beginning of the season to the end of the season so I don’t get sick of them. I try to have at least one of each kind – a plain caramel one, one with nuts and one with sprinkles/chocolate on it.

I remember going to apple orchards as a kid and that’s where I think my love for caramel apples began. We always used to take a field trip each school year to the orchard to pick apples, pumpkins, gourds, get our faces painted and wander around in the corn maze. We also took tractor rides and I always laughed when the horses and other animals went to the bathroom in the petting zoo. The first time I had a caramel apple, it was a homemade one and the caramel was still warm. I made a mess to say the least and I got more caramel on my face than I did in my mouth, but from that point on, I was hooked.

For me, there’s really a few basic things that I need for it to be delicious. It obviously can’t be an old apple – that goes without saying. But I need it to be a Granny Smith apple and it just needs to have caramel with it. I can dip it in the caramel myself if I need to, but it just needs have the apple part and the caramel part, which is obvious because it’s a caramel apple. I don’t need all of the glitz and the glam of the nuts/chocolate/sprinkles, just those two things. My reasoning for the Granny Smith apple is because the tartness of a caramel apple is really what a caramel apple is all about. The sweetness of the caramel mixed with the tartness of the apple is just a full-on collision on flavors on your palette.

Now that I’ve got your mouth watering, it’s okay to head to the nearest grocery or apple orchard to go grab some caramel apples. Tis the season to enjoy them – and you won’t regret it.

pumpkin spice

and everything nice

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Ladies and Gentleman, it is finally back! The Pumpkin Spice Latte has arrived. And even better, Starbucks is celebrating the Pumpkin Spice Latte’s 10-year anniversary! There is nothing better about the enjoyment of the crisp weather, and a PSL. As DC is still 86, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky–I settled and enjoyed a PSL yesterday. Don’t worry ya’ll, it was iced. That first sip of the PSL was the most heavenly thing I have tasted in a while, or…dare I say ever?

Guys, did you know that the PLS ALMOST wasn’t invited?

pumpkin-spice-latte-sign-785463Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, the drink that heralds the arrival of fall for its many fans, almost never happened.
Ten years ago, when Starbucks’ espresso wizards were brewing up new seasonal drink ideas for fall, they came up with a list of 20 finalists and market tested them. The pumpkin concept was initially greeted with a “meh,” falling somewhere in the middle of the pack, outshined by stars such as chocolate caramel or cinnamon spice.
But Starbucks’ product developers saw potential.
“It wasn’t the natural winner, but there was something there,” said Peter Dukes, espresso brand manager for Starbucks, who was on the original team that developed the drink. (check out the rest of the article)

Here I sit a true advocate of everything pumpkin, fall, and harvest. I truly love this season, and if it could be autumn all year round, I would not hate that. Anyone know where I should move, or where the climate is perfect crisp, and fall all seasons? As harvest season is upon is, it is true the PSL is back, and maybe it’s unconventional to enjoy something pumpkin or harvest this early in the season. Unconventional or not, I will be enjoying many flavors of the harvest before they leave.

Go ahead and let out a little #PSL yell–I know you want to. Go grab one, sip slow and enjoy.

harvest season

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”-Benjamin Franklin

autumn has arrived?

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I’m the biggest advocate for a good beer as the next person is, but I’m an even bigger advocate for autumn! And when you put these two things together, it is honestly heaven for me. Both beer and autumn are a God-sent and they couldn’t have come at a better time.  Listen, I’m not saying I like having my Summer cut short and Halloween decorations to be out already–I just want a nice long autumn. So, hear this Christmas–don’t get any ideas about promoting yourself even earlier this year.

Take a listen and give me your thoughts!