giving directions

struggling looking at a map

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Trapped in a foreign city with a language barrier– there you sit feeling helpless. You stare at the map, trying to make sense of all the winding streets, and you cannot even find your location. There are a thousand thoughts in your mind.

Getting lost in a new city is one of my favorite things. I love being a tourist. When tourists come to DC, sure, I have that same loathing emotion towards them that everyone else does becasue they clutter the city and walk unbearably slow. At the same time, I love them. I am so happy when people come to my city, The National Capital of the US. It’s so awesome that people want to explore my city, so of course I am more than welcoming and more than helpful when it comes to directions.

With my Midwest roots, it is incredibly hard to tell someone off and to walk past them while they are asking you something. My love for helping out tourists is abnormal. If I can show one person that everyone is not rude in this city, I feel that I did my job to instill hope in their heart.

Let me tell you a story.

Monday, I was walking to work and naturally I had my headphone in, granted this time I was talking on the phone and not listening to music. Anyway, I get to the crosswalk and this woman starts frantically talking to me. As she realizes I have my headphones in, I take them out and speak with her. Basically the jist of the conversation was her asking for directions and explaining to me (a local) that there a no metros where she needs to go. Once, she finally tells me all of her details, I explain to her if she keeps walking 8 blocks south she will run into the building she needs. This woman was beyond thankful. As the light turned, she booked it and was off to her destination waving to me.

Little things like that, make me feel good. I just made someone’s day. To me giving directions isn’t a nuisance, I truly enjoy it.

You could add something in about asking if anyone has ever given directions in their city or if they find it to be an annoyance when people ask them for directions.