what a week

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I for one and pretty excited about this weekend. Today, I am off work and I get to enjoy some nice beverages with Matt on the roof deck oft one of my favorite establishments! Tonight there will be fireworks after the National’s game and Saturday I get to see a few of my sisters. Over all the weekend is going to be jam packed with a lot of fun.

Holy cats! This is awesome! An Iranian women becomes the first ever to win “noble prize” of mathematics | IFL Science

50 states and 50 places to see their natural wonders– I want to go to all of these places |CNN

Sure it’s DC Restaurant week but don’t forget about Alexandria! ARW runs 8/15-8/24

These on my list as soon as Autumn gets here. Matt, get excited for these Apple Pie Pancakes | Jessica in the Kitchen

Looking fabulous while working out, check! I love my new clothes from fabletics, check them out! | fabletics

Treat Receipt ends on Sunday get it while it lasts! | Starbucks

Ride a train, change the world, AWESOME article | urbanful

These headphones (Sports Wireless+) are incredible little things. A huge shout out again to Sam Davidson & Jarba

The Greenland Shark, does he have anything to with mythical creature in Loch Ness? | Animal Planet, Jeremy Wade


Have a great weekend y’all! If the rain is coming your way Sunday, like it is for DC I hope your Sunday is filled with a good book, cuddling and a warm cup of tea!


it’s the only word to describe it

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Wisconsin is full of strange things, but here’s an article that was shared with me from a coworker about quirky and hardworking family business owners. The article from Slate tells you about Carl Corey and his family business. Corey began meeting family business owners while documenting Wisconsin bars for his book, Tavern League: Portraits of Wisconsin Bars. Inspired by the experience, Corey decided to seek out family businesses all over Wisconsin, from hardware stores to bakeries to organ builders. Corey’s new book, For Love and Money: Portraits of Wisconsin Family Businesses, comprises portraits of single families who’ve owned their business for at least 50 years.

After a coworker showed this to a fellow Wisconsinite and me, she decided to buy the book. I really excited to see it. In addition to her buying the book, she told us all of the places she has to check off her list…and let me tell you she’s doing a well!



how do you spend them?

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Addicted to your iPhone? Maybe it’s not really a joke anymore. A newly released app called Moment will show us just how true that statement may be. Designed to promote a healthier balance between our real lives and those lived through the small screens of our digital devices, Moment tracks how much you use your phone each day, helps you create daily limits on that usage, and offers “occasional nudges” when you’re approaching those limits.

So what are you thoughts on this app? I feel like my personal limit will be extremely higher than others…but that doesn’t mean I am willing to change. Also consider this, who is this app for? If a twenty-somethings were to download this app, it would be to see how much they are actually on their phone, but we might not be the correct demographic for this app. Last thing I need is an app that runs in the background (draining my battery) to tell me I’m using my phone too much.

At the end of the article on TechCrunch, they put in a quote from the app’s creator, Kevin Holesh who built Moment for himself after realizing how much his digital addictions were affecting his real-world relationships. They go on to say, “for Holesh, the effect has been pronounced. He used to spend 75 minutes per day on his iPhone. Now, he spends just 40.”  Um….75 minutes? Pfft. I don’t know if I should laugh or what, how did you spend 75 minutes on your phone and now just 40 when you are a creator of an app?