crodoli & crodo


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Over the weekend, the quest for cro-somethings was in full-force. I didn’t live another minute without knowing how these trendy little goodies are getting so much hype. Last week, I posted a post about the new goodies, cronut, croknot and the doissant. If you don’t want to read the whole post, the recap is below.

It seems like hybrid goodies are on the rise. The one that is still all the rage among my friends is the cronut, but I am about to blow your mind with a croknot and then a doissant.

First you have a croissant. A croissant is a buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry named for its well-known crescent shape. Then, you have a donut or doughnut, a type of fried dough confectionery or “dessert” food, which is likely consumed at breakfast. Now that we’ve established what a croissant and donut are, put them together and you get a cronut. The cronut is a beautiful thing.

This weekend in Albany, I needed to try their version of the cro-something. Albany offers up the crodoli and crodo. The craze — like some zombie apocalypse virus, no doubt taking advantage of air travel and our interconnected world — has since, as you can see, (thankfully) spread to other large cities.

So… where to finding something like that here in the Capital Region? The Crip Cannoli. This bakery will thrill your taste buds. These amazing pastries will blow you away! Their crodoli creations are simply amazing and must be eaten straight out of the fryer, which is exactly what we did! From my understanding, the Crisp Cannoli just celebrated their 1 year anniversary. They have proven great creativity and I am sure will continue to keep it interesting! Honestly, from their crodo to their savory cannoli, you will find something that tickles your fancy. Next time you are in the Capital Region of New York, be sure to visit this little bakery.

Albany, NY

hello, upstate!

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Later today, I will be getting on a plan that will take me from Washington, DC to Albany, NY. Yes, that’s right, I am heading to Upstate New York and I simply cannot wait. Thankfully, this trip does not have a business entity looped in. The trip is only for personal purposes. After 11 months without seeing my dear friend, Emily, I will once again be reunited with her (and you too, Patrick, even though it’s been two weeks, it feels like 11 months!).

For this trip, I have no expectations other than fun and seeing the true life of an “Upstate-er”. I am sure we will walk down memory lane which will include the Empire State Plaza, state capital and Saint Rose campus. From my understanding, Albany’s neighborhoods are varied demographically, geographically, architecturally, and historically- just like any other city. Downtown Albany is the city’s oldest neighborhood and centered on State Street. Downtown Albany has the oldest streets, but today downtown consists mostly of office buildings inhabited by state agencies, though a recent push to bring in permanent residents has led to proposed apartments and condominiums.

For me, Albany is about a new adventure, rekindling of friendship, laughter and one step closer to checking off a few things on my 2014 bucket list. I believe you should travel to one new place every year, but this year I want to make it to three new places.

Albany, I cannot wait to see you in all your glory!