stranded at the drive-in


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Having a flight cancelled might be one of the biggest dampers on your day when traveling. Let’s face it, you have few options when your flight gets cancelled. To tackle a cancelled flight, keep in mind a few key items.

Disclaimer: depending upon where you are when you hear the glorious news that your flight has been cancelled, this list will be helpful for different situations.

Regardless of where you are, the first thing you NEED to do is contact your airline. Contacting your airline will ensure that you are put on the next possible flight. Sometimes, your flight will be cancelled when you are still at home (this is ideal). Call the agent immediately and reschedule for a convenient time. Most of the time, your flight is cancelled while you are in transit, whether it is in the air or on your way to the airport. Again contact an agent immediately.

Step 2: kill some time
More than likely your flight will not be rescheduled immediately. While your are in the airport, find the closest bookstore and restaurant that will serve you a Bloody Mary, Scotch on the rocks or beer. At this point, you need to engage in one of your vices.

Step 3: relax
Sure, this is easier said than done, but it can be done. Regardless if you are on the next flight or passing the next 10 hours in the airport, you WILL be on your way soon!

Keep in mind that when you are rescheduling flights and they can’t get you on your next flight, the airline usually sends some compensation your way. Always ask for compensation.

My wish for you is that you never have to experience a flight cancellation and if you do, that it is a painless cancellation process that you go through.

holiday travel

a short survival guide

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If you know me at all you know that I absolutely LOVE being a holiday traveler. When people learn that about me, I get the look. It’s the same look every time. As this happens all the time, I’ve become accustom to it. This is a specific look, let me tell you about it. There comes a head tilt, mouth open, eyes squinted and a deep stare into your soul (luck for me, being a ginger they are looking at nothing!). When people give me this look it’s like I have three heads or just said the most crude thing they have ever heard.  With the love of holiday traveling you learn a thing or two. Before you go out on your big holiday adventure take some of these tips and tricks into consideration.

Don’t Drive Yourself to the Airport

Arrive in style of course. But seriously, don’t drive yourself to the airport or the train station. This will be an added stress to your life. You want your holiday travel to be as smooth as possible.

Get There Early

This seems like a no-brainer, but get to the airport or train station early. I don’t know what it is but around the holidays there are more delays than not, which is totally ironic considering everyone cannot wait to get to where they are going. Anyway, get there early. It’s better to be early and on time, than late.

Do Research

Make alternative  plans, trips if traffic makes your way home too overwhelming.  Is there a scenic route? Maybe this will make the trip a little longer, but there won’t be as much traffic.  Break up a long drive by finding a few places to stop.  And as always, when flying, make sure you check the airline’s restrictions ahead of time on carry-on luggage and fees for checked bags.

Ship Gifts

TSA suggests to ship wrapped gifts or wait until you reach your destination to wrap them. I’ve been in a situation before where TSA had to unwrap a present to inspect it. Ship gifts ahead of time.

Travel Early/Late in the Day

Flight statistics show that planes traveling earlier in the day have a better on-time performance. And if your flight is cancelled, you will have the option of taking a flight later in the day. As a perk, there will be fewer lines at security. If you are driving, hit the road when every one else is asleep — early morning or late at night. You can always take a nap when you arrive at your destination.

Expect the Unexpected

Only a half hour before connecting to another flight? Traveling to Rochester, MN, during snow season? Think ahead! Plan accordingly. Leave extra time before flights to deal with security, extra time between connections and, for road trips, pack tire chains for snowy conditions, flashlights, and of course, a few band-aids never hurt either. But as a positive, expect holiday cheer and excitement from everyone as well. Remember if you have a smile on your face– they will too!