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The never ending conversation of accents and dialects has surface again. Back in January, I blogged about the New York Times’ quiz: How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk, take the quiz if you haven’t already. All in all, this quiz is going to give you a break down of where your accent comes from based on how you answer a series of 25 questions. My results were rather accurate.

Last year, I shared this video with all of my friends. Based off the parody of Shit Girls Say: the Wisconsin version is classic. If you live in Wisconsin or know anyone from there this video will have you in stitches.

Similar to Shit Wisconsin Says, is this true Wisconsin accented video. When it comes to being a Wisconsinite it’s all about pronunciation! Wisconsin cities and town names can be a challenge to pronounce even for those living in the state, but, for Texans? Forget it.

Enjoy these videos and you give it a shot, can you pronounce these city names?




you can find me at: @K_AnnM | Insta | LinkedIn

Maybe I write about state pride a little too often, but I don’t want y’all to forget about my roots. Thanks to a friend who sent me the link to an article titled, “10 Milwaukee Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate: If you like to get festive, love bowling and think brats are the best food ever, chances are you live in Milwaukee.” I couldn’t help, but to share this article with all of you. Plus with a Tina Fey gif starting us out in the article (which you will see below), you really can’t go wrong reading the rest of that article.

Obviously, here’s number one and the teaser:

1. Milwaukeeans Are Prouder Of Their City Than Your Mom On Graduation Day

Milwaukee Stereotypes

Sure, I am not from “Milwaukee”, but I am from a small town outside of Milwaukee, which is pretty much “close enough”. I am proud to be from a place that is so genuine and laid back that there are actually considerate people who still live here that won’t hesitate to tell you their city’s best brunch location or give you directions when you’re lost. Milwaukeeans exemplify that Midwest charm everyone hears about.

Wisconsin is something you carry around with you. Even after living in DC for almost three years, I still have my Wisconsin accent, and I am sure that will never go away. I might be living in the city, but I’m from a small town. Now, if you are from Wisconsin or better yet, Milwaukee this article will really hit home to you!