a brief intro

hey, hi, hello there! I’m Kendal Ann. I turned into a Charlottean recently, and so far it’s not too bad.  From university to Washington to Charlotte, one thing that will never change is who I am and where I came from. Wisconsin pride, y’all!

I graduated from Winona State University, Political Science: International Studies, Middle East, and Africa. With such a diverse background, I found a way marry my passions: politics, advocacy and social media through internships on Capitol Hill and at Consortium for Ocean Leadership. I worked at a nuclear energy company: AREVA as their PAC Manager and managed advocacy affairs and the PAC at National Community Pharmacists Association and I’m is running their PAC.

Upon moving to Charlotte, I knew I needed to give politics a rest and really dive into the “feel good” world on nonprofits. I’m currently the Director of Development at Greater Matthews Habitat for Humanity and I am loving every second of it.

As an active alumna of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority,  I founded the Washington DC Area Alumnae Association and I plan to bring one to Charlotte, too. So, if you are a Deepher and interested in joining the association, contact me or visit our Facebook page!

Most importantly, I am always rooting for Wisconsin teams, teaching spin at Ride or Die and exploring the city through new cuisines, libations and tunes are always in the forefront after work.

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