It’s in the Bag

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TheDCLadies blog prompt – Day 8: It’s in the Bag. Today’s challenge is part writing, part photo Twitter. We all carry about way to much in our bags, ever notice when you stick you hand in you pull out everything but the kitchen sink? Yup, that! So we want to know we aren’t the only ones… What’s in your bag?

Isn’t that true? Ladies, we carry an exorbitance amount with us at all times it’s nuts. Up until recently, I tried to have the smallest bag with me at all times. I liked a wallet satchel, or a small cross body, but nothing crazy. I didn’t need all the extras. I didn’t want the frills. I didn’t what the hassle of a bag.

Now, that has all changed. Bz_ZrT7IgAA_dWLThis is my most recent purchase, and a great one at that. Ladies, this bag is enormous inside, but a small exterior. This is the ultimate Mary Poppins bag. This bag is equip with four inside pockets (no zippers) and two more with zippers. It’s a convertible cross body or a casual handbag, and not to worry there is an exterior zip pocket, too. Now, that you have a sense of how big this bag, I can tell you what is currently in my bag.

Bag contents pictured as of this morning:
-iPhone charger
-The Death Cure (book)
-Make up bag
-Starbucks Gold card (guilty)

I am sure there are other things that can be found in my bag that aren’t pictured, too. I don’t know if the times are changing or if I am. I am constantly on the run. It’s nice to have a bag with such versatility so I can grab it for a night out or for a day at the office. What’s in your bag, ladies?



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